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    Living in LA with all the crap and BS and when the dust settles how to meet quality trustworthy people in a Dog eat Dog Town. Keeping your values and beliefs even though you have been hurt along the way. Why let the bad people win by changing who you really are. It's tough.

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    Look at it this way, the BEST of all the FAKES are in LA!  LOL!!!

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    Quoting author:

    I AGREE....

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    I AGREE....
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    This site is really not working out for me. I've been on here since 2005 & have paid for membership many times only to not get any luck. Most of the men here think that they can get into my pants just because they have money or pretend they do. No I will NOT sleep with you for your money, I am looking for something real here. I want to find a friend first & we'll take it from there & maybe if there is something there a relationship is next. I haven't met one person off the website, not even one... Nobody interest me enough to meet them yet & some of them have BUT they suddenly start talking about sex.... uh no thank you! Is there ANYBODY real out there who isn't a pig... If so feel free to send me a message... Thank you!
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    please connect with me, I would like to meet you..

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    I would like to get to know you better. Please connect with me.
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    Don't let them win - - Don't change
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    I think that can be difficult no matter where you live. The fakers and false friends may have different agendas depending on where you live, but every place has them.

    I would say:

    If you have good family, hold onto them. They've known you all your life, will be able to tell the difference between who you were, who you are, and the facades you have to show others to get your job done, and, ultimately, will love you and show you the way no matter what happens, what you do, and even what screw-ups you may make.

    Chose your friends, maybe not so much by how much 'fun' you can have together, and not so much by what they 'can do for you', but by whether or not they're there when you're at your lowest, and whether or not they will be honest with you, good or bad, and whether you want to hear it or not, when you need the voice of sanity.

    Keep company with people whose feet are firmly on the ground, who see more to life than the current glitz and glam and can find something worthy to love and enjoy that's as simple as, say, sitting at a lake far from the chaos of the city, or can appreciate and find worthy lifestyles different from their own (IE: They have respect for all people, not just those that match their own way of thinking).

    Look for people who bring you peace, honesty, their strength when you have none left, and their faith when your own falters.
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    I live in Beverly Hills, and I think it is only fair to judge a place once you have lived there. It is by far more laid back than I thought it ever would be before I moved here. Beverly Hills is an extremely fun place to live. It has its share of "fakers" but then again, so does every other city in the world. Just as every other city has its share of "jealous and negative people".
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    How about moving to the real people coast - to NY where there's so much going on and people don't judge you by what your material investments?
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    i love l.a
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    why living in la is sucks? -)
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    Sometimes being true to yourself... developing the person you wish to be, is about surrounding yourself with those who are true friends, the ones who see you as you really are but still believe in you, still care for you regardless. Sometimes it is about placing people around you whose character you aspire to match. Sometimes it is not about the quantity, the noise, the merry-go-round, but quality and the level to which you are prepared to care also. The strange thing is that it isn't where you live. There is negative in all cities, all countries. Australia's famous for the 'tall poppy syndrome.'Sometimes it is what you attract to you, where your focus lies, where your locus of control is.
    And other times in being true to yourself you have to let others understand you and in that there is acceptance. And then you have to be prepared to take the chance in trusting regardless of the risk or hurt.
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    For that reason I moved out from Beverly Hills many years ago.
    I am happy where I am now,people are real and friendly.

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