why do men always think the worse of a women Business Topics

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    since i joined every man i talked to thinks that woman only want them for there money now thats not true. i meet a couple of very nice gentel man on this line and they seem very down to earth you know! i live a very happy life with what i have i really am fine i make good money and my buisness is doing great. so guys come on get your head on because what if that special girl comes by and you are rude and mean she just might never talk to you again
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    It's simple.


    1. Everyone wants a good life.

    2. Women by nature tries to pick partner which can provide for children.

    3. Money brings social status, we live in capitalism.

    4. Money is indicator of capable individual.

    5. Everyone wants to be around successful people




    Men don't pick women. Women pick men. So from teenage years, men are trying to be as attractive as possible. But most of us men are ugly as f**k. So the success more likely to be goal of man.

    Girls wants to be pretty (guys too but we really can't do much about it).


    Also, men earns more (different interests, some skills women lack, ... for example IT sector, it's best paying these days), so the money attraction obviously is from poorer human to rich human.

    More likely, it's going to be woman hunting rich man.


    Rich man knows this. That's why they did become rich in the first place.


    Yes there are many gold diggers ... but mostly there are just decent ladies which just want somewhat more of their life and have tendency to pick well-off man.


    Only broke man have trouble with girls picking wealthier partners. Because they don't understand that maternity role of woman change her preferences when picking life partner.

    And also, broke men only see "all the nice and fine women" they cannot have.


    Novale, let me give you advice which would save you from lots of worthless thoughts.

    F**k 'em all. You really need handful of people in your life. Mind your own business and f**k all the other people which (due to their own frustrations) can't mind their own business.


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    Novale, have you read the responses on here, have you seen some of the women. The men should be a little cautious.
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    its true all women wants is a guy for there money women are just nothing but gold diggers so what a stupid question
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    Hi names Sean from Connecticut. I can agree that an individual makes the person mean or a total scumbag, it is not the gender.

    now some times we perceive things based on our thoughts because of the gender we are, which has to do with our body's release of chemicals like testosterone or estrogen. hormones make us do weird things.

    the fact I have met many individuals who are female that were those who have left many bad memories, will not be missed, but it was not all females, and I realize this.

    I only wish I could meet my queen some day. though I have considered my self a unlucky guy, you never know what will happen. hope that helped anyone out or at least made you go hmm interesting.

    as for being on this site I am not a millionaire or a billionaire. this is only cause I have not yet been able to pursue my ventures. if anyone would like to help out I would gladly make you a business partner. I maybe seem young at 29, but I have a feeling 29 will be super young one day, as we will more then likely living for a long time, as far as medical research is progressing. either way I feel like a much older soul and I have plenty of good feasible ideas, that would benefit the market as well as be useful. and not create a flow stoppage in the river so to speak as to not be able to not make profit off of anything else in the same market. this means you don't make a can do all invention that will hinder you from making other things as well. if you did, well then when you need money you cant make upgrades, and that would not be smart thinking.
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    sounds like you have had some bad luck,

    guess you need a girl that doesn't talk..

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    answer: experience and past history, some women are like politicians, you can tell their going to lie when you see their lips move.
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    Whitfield: When you are right, you are right.

    A long time ago I fell in love with someone and got burned. It took me a long time to get to the point where I would even consider dating. When I did return to the dating scene I met a very special young woman, but I still had too many walls up.

    When she wanted to elevate our relationship; I ran. I remember inviting her over, sitting on the couch and explaining how I would come to regret breaking the relationship off, but I couldnt bring myself to string her along any more than I already had. She wanted more than I could give her and I didnt want to hurt her.

    Looking back now, I may have thrown away my one shot at a really great woman. That was 4 years ago, and sadly, I haven't been on a date since ... so Im really hoping for another chance.
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    Just a heads up... You too are classifying a WHOLE gender based on your personal experience. :o) I will try not to blame all women because you do this, albeit it is quite common...
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    I have an opinion on that question.. They run into bad women like we do men, but they chose to categorize us all as being the same instead of recognizing that person as an individual. Yes, they may or have already passed up a very nice lady because of such conclusions. OH WELL, THEIR LOSS.