SECRETS: how to become a MILLIONAIRE Business Topics

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    Gentlemen! Share your considerations!
    Even if you are ex-multimillionaire!
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    I've been able to make a couple of my employers multiple millions but, haven't been able to do it for myself. Jay

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    I'm politely asking with a hint of curiosity. 


    What does it take to be successful, a ruthless mindset


    Or playing by the rules? Most success stories that started from 


    nothing often have a little tainted arm in crime. Mostly to raise funds. 


    And the term "spend money to get money" resurfaces because now accumulated 


    wealth is pumped into clean and legal ventures. On the other side is the privileged 


    successors. No I do not mean "race". I mean those that had the resources to achieve 


    success easily available to them. Individuals like Donald Trump and new emerging under 


    21 Billionaire Kylie jenner. 




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    Why not ask a Millionaire?

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    Work hard, never give up, control your ego, accept yours and other faults, develop others ..  never stop learning.    But money isnt everything, true success is really messured in other ways.    For me starting a business, for most of the journey had two destinations bankruptcies and destitution or being a multi millionaire, there was no middle ground. But for many stopping if you can when you have enough and focussing on other aspects of life is probably a wiser choice.  


    When you can live in a house latge enough, have whatever car you desire, eat wherever you want, guve security to your loved ones what more do you really need other than the time snd healtj to live a good lofe and people to do it with. 

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    ask, five million people for a 1 dollar and you will get half of that, then you are a millionaire 

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    Becoming a millionaire is very easy.  Everyone should become a millionaire and have little excuse for not doing so.  It is simple mathematics and time. 


    If you were to sit down spreadsheet and calculate how much you would need to put away out of each paycheck--assuming every two weeks you get paid--and work over a lifetime from 18-to-65 investing that money in a mutual fund that represents a return no better than the avg market return of all stocks for each year of your saving--you would only need to save approximately $10.50 to put toward investment based on the current past to be a millionaire.  It is that simple.


    ...the time value of money is very powerful.  It takes money to make money--but time is an equalizer of fortunes for those with the steadfastness to execute the plan.  Another way to view how many millions does the gov't takes from you and wastes across your lifetime? 

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    That's a really nice reply.  Somedays I feel like all this work is for nothing.  But at least i am doing what I love :)

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    Quoting author:

    Gentlemen! Share your considerations!
    Even if you are ex-multimillionaire!

    If you want to become a millionaire set a goal and follow it through. The best way to become a millionaire is not just the monetary value of being a millionaire but what you desire to do. Your profession will and can make you a millionaire and it doesn't matter what you would enjoy doing. Look at Molly Maid in the U.S. multi million dollar business for the originator or look at Starbuck for coffee, they all started with something they enjoyed doing and had the skills to make it successful. I think you see my point by now.

    Don't get discouraged if you seem to not get ahead, learn from your mistakes and keep pressing for the prize.

    I'll give you an idea of what I mean. Set the 5 most important thing you would want to accomplish in your life, set them in order of importance, as you achieve the goals, put in a new one but just keep it simple with 5 major items that is will be more successful if you have a plan, all the people I know whether they are rich or semi rich or upper middle class had some sort of dream or goal and they worked and LEARNED the in and out on how to reach this destiny with there profession or hobbies. Now get to work set your goals. God has alredy blessed your undertaking.