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    Hello Friends, 

    I am a lead singer working in 3 part time bands. I am also an award winning artist and published writer. I have very high aspirations for my life. I am a survivor with a glass is half full attitude. There have been numerous brushes with major fame that were quickly derailed with what appears to be a stream of bad luck. I won't bore you all with the details only to say that I have come so close to everything from record deals to being the next Jackson Pollack when a close family member was murdered in front of me in Las Vegas, or I myself had a terrible car accident. (those are just 2 examples). If past lives exist I  cannot imagine what I might have done to have this kind of karma. It seems things are turning around, finally..and so I thought I would take a crack at putting my dreams out there again!


    I would like to have my own art gallery where I can sing at the wine and cheese receptions. I would like to have my art selling regularly enough that I can focus on my singing, painting commissions and writing my books. In other words, I would rather not have to hunt for a normal 'day job' to pay my bills. I seem to be in survival mode often so I cannot market my art to the high level galleries in NYC. I am busy learning songs for 3 different bands because there just isn't enough work these days to be in just one. I haven't begun to write my books because there just needs to be more hours in a day! The last painting I completed was 4 months ago. The last painting I sold was 6 months ago. My price point went up after winning a first place blue ribbon in a museum out West. The juror was the previous director of the Guggenheim. I was told to triple my prices after that award because my art became an investment. I plan on making it big and connecting with my destiny before dying or losing an ear!!


    My art, music and life is dedicated to saving wildlife..particularly wolves, wild horses, burros and mammals of the sea. A % of the proceeds is donated to various wildlife causes. We need to make this a better world for all. My CD was selling previously out of Whole Foods Market in Las Vegas. Now it can just be downloaded from the internet. The hard copies are on back order as I haven't seen felt it was worth the investment to have 1000 more printed up for sale. My art is much more lucrative. 


    If anyone enjoys my work and can see my vision, please contact me! I am all about team work and sharing. I never look for something for nothing. I know my dreams are inside my soul for a reason. They are to be attained, not just dreamt about. My website is I would love to post videos of me singing, but do not want an issues with singing copyrighted material and posting it. God bless you all in your seach for true love and bliss!!  ~Karen

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