Beware of scammers USA

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    I am new to the site and recently was contacted by at least 2 or 3 potential scammers.  Now I am really paranoid and cautious.  I have notified the site and they were very helpful in following up - of course I have blocked these guys.  You have to be so careful to read between the lines - if it sounds too good to be true and also they are not verified for anything.  They also have a tendency to ask for your email right away and say they do not get on the site often (bullshit!).  I also made the mistake of giving him my cell phone - don't do it!  I feel so foolish but he had me going.  He left a message late one night  - sounded Nigerian and faking a Maltese accent and his cell was (561) Boca Raton - never mentioned Florida in our communications - his profile said he was in Beverly Hills, CA - he said on business and lives in Dallas (since I live in Houston. . .) it is a shame but from now on I am insisting that they be verified for Photo/Age specifically - better if they can verify income as well.  Not giving my email out until they are verified.  No problem just staying on site.  Of course, always better to meet someone closer in proximity so you can eventually meet in person. . .
    Just wanted to put a warning out there for everyone - I think it is some sort of Status Symbol over there if they can scam people - of course I never gave him money or info - but I have blocked my cell phone - he can't call and filtered my Icloud email so it goes in the trash.  They say if you just ignore them they will go away and prey on others in a new identity (scary).  I noticed their profiles are no longer on the site - Woo hoo!  Maybe I helped snag them.
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    Thanks for the heads up! I will definitely be more cautious. Sadly, there are very unsavory people on these sites!!!
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    so things are pretty simple, than.
    No email or phone on first contact, and no sending of money to people. case closed.
    We all know these rules.

    In every single place I've been, people always greeted me with warnings.
    Yes. Scammers are everywhere. We live in a bad world, yes. But this shouldn't prevent us from using the internet , to just talk.

    PS: I've received dozens of emails informing me that i could receive 1.000.000$ if i paid 250$ for some paperwork. Of course I categorized these emails as scams right away.
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    Although you had a bad experience it will help you in the long run.  Unfortunately scammers are on all dating sites so it is good to know what to look for.
    Always stay on this site even if they ask you for your email address.  Scammers are anxious to get off this site and get as much personal info as possible.  This site is great at removing these terrible people so reporting them is the thing to do.
    Dont let this experience deter you in your quest for love.  I have met some wonderful people on this site, especially in the chat room.  
    Reminders to all new people:
    Don't leave this site to talk to someone
    Never give out personal information (phone #, email, full name) until AFTER you have met in person.
    NEVER EVER send money to anyone!!
    Be safe on the internet.....your personal identity should be safeguarded.
    Good luck.