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    can woman over 49 find love ?

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    I have run into this amongst widows and divorcees over 60 expressed in different ways such as:

    1. I have been there, it was nice, I don't need to do it again. This is the polite version.

    2. I have been there and I am not going to wash anyone else’s dirty underwear ever again. This is the other version.

    In widows or divorcees under 60 I have not run into this.




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    If you look at the US Census data, women and men over 50 remarrying is rather low.  It drops from 17% at age 45 to 6% by age 55.  So, you might be able to find love but not marriage according to the stats.
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    Hey Corkers,

    I was about to bash you for such a negative view and then it struck me, many of my friends have that very attitude you described. Yikes! right or wrong, your view has a lot of truth to it, thanks for taking the time to roll it out in such detail. I'll bet it's pretty hard for some women to read too....
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    Yes she can....I am sorry you did not find one along those lines Corkers1. usually when you find a good one, she is for keeps.

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    Probably no. Having done a lot of research and dated lot (over 40)  over 49 there is a pattern. Typically a woman s after a provider for her children. Thats built in biologically. Once she has her family and no longer needs a provider in a world where she can support herself its often a case of dump the father of her children and start living the life she thinks she wants. Add to this a favourable divorce settlement and off she goes in what is often described as ''a new chapter in my life''  They buy a small house which needs minimal upkeep and housework. They then rush around like demented idiots doing 'risky' pursuits like sky diving etc. Money from the divorce settlement/pension etc. provides a good standard of living. Typically women then have a schedule. They tour their married friends, once a week on a friend basis so that it doesn't upset the mrriages. They have a full diary, so full that to get a date they almost give you an appointment. They act like teenagers tearing off to live gigs like they did 30+ years ago. A man becomes secondary in their lives. Read the profiles on all sites. ''I have a very good circle of friends and I am very close to my family/kids/grandchildren.'' ''I have a very good social life''

    Now where would this leave a man????  Yep like a handbag, changed when the thought crosses their minds. Something to be used when they want and only when they want because they dont want something intruding into their 'great lives''.

    Sex..yep any man will do for a night and then he will intrude into that hectic life again. Or he can be seen once in a while.

    Replacement for the man???  Usually a dog. Yes it will keep them company, makes few demands and wont stop them doing what they want, when they want, how they want. And unlike their X they can put it in a kennel when they go away for the umpteenth holiday again.

    As said I have dated 40 or more and that is the experience I have had with many. A man is handy to do the little jobs as they act the silly woman and then he is put back in the box again.

    Sadly things change biologically and by the time they are 60 and the body changes start they realise that they miss a man but by that time they are becoming less attractive . The options of finding a man are closing and they start searching again but often it is to late.

    Some do find a man. You see them walking in St Tropez, wrinkly with a young man tripping along behind like a pet poodle and you look and laugh knowing that in places like that there are stunning young ladies so exactly what reason is he there for. Yep she treats him with that word CASH.

    Sadly it is the attitude of starting a new life when the kids are off their hands that breaks up many marriages. As the kids go to uni then the seeds are set.  I can remember having what could only be described as a lovely marriage with few worries until my daughter went to uni. Then I suggested that we spend some of our ill gotten gains and have a great time. What I didnt know was that she had totally different plans and it was a case of cash in everything and sleep her way though god knows how many behind my back. Money was of course no object. She cashed in our chips and went on a wild spending spree. New everything regardless of cost. 5 years later the looks are going and as such dumped by her younger boyfriend, The money has gone and we are heading for a lonely life. Her health is failing and the bright life is dimming.  Now she is on the hunt for another man but the playing field has moved. 

    Men are programmed to be the providers and as such try if possible to hold the remaining assetts together which of course makes them more attractive to younger women.

    As a lawyer once said to me. 'If I had a dollar for every case of a woman dumping a man when she reaches 50 and cashes in a lifetimes work..I would be a millionaire.''