You are putting yourself out there when you join Online dating... Romance

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    Just wanted to give you my 2 cents after reading some comments posted on other men's/women's profiles.

    There are sick, lonely people out there with nothing better to do than just deceive for God only knows what reasons. One comment I read was about this poor guy who is supposedly a liar and has many postings on other websites under different names, states, etc, etc. Did you know that anyone can steal your picture from any website at any time? All they do is save it and then go around posting it as their own; believe me, it happened to someone I know! Another thing that I find scary is the fact that many websites share their members, therefore your profile gets passed around to sites you have never even heard of!!! Does anyone know whether this site shares its members?
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    As far as the sharing of Data betwen these sites...Yes ...I joined one and My same profile turned up on 4 others. "Parent companies"
    They send shill letters to you from phantom "admirers", This one is OK by "industrial standards" (moderator's benefit) But I wouldn't put it past em
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    I'll tell a short story here... After a week of intense communication. I traveled across the nation to meet her. We still share a unique loving long distance connection. Together, shared a renewed spirituality long forgotten. Was it risky? Sure it was...Was it a path to walk together in a time? you bet . Do it again? In my heartbeat
    Some experience are worth part of our life....from this open medium...both the good and the bad will appear. Just walk safely
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    Thank you all for the feedback.
    I think that the best thing to do is just be careful and move slowly.

    Happy Holidays!
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    In response to Santiaguina message about "You are putting yourself out there when you join Online dating... ". I agree with you, there are many people who has profile in many sites. and many of them, I was wondering the trufulness of the information provided in there. The rule of thumb is to be careful. Double check with personal info and don't give out your phone number or address until you know the person well. this is just my 2 cents
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    I don't know about that but it wouldn't surprise me.This site owns a few others.You really are putting yourself out there and most of us don't realize how much.I had a run in with a con man I thought I knew for a year on my first attempt at online dating,shudder.I'm seriously careful now.If a guy wants to meet me he comes to me.I shudder when I hear of women jumping on planes to fly God knows where to meet God knows who.Anyone can be anyone here and I want to look a man in the eye before going anywhere with him.