What about us older women who date younger men? Romance

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    I am 49 and my last bf was 30, it lasted 7 years and then family got in the way. We were very compatible and always enjoyed doing things together. I don't like sitting at home and doing nothing unless I am alone, like now but would like to find someone younger because guys my age just don't do the things I like to do. I don't like gray hair on a man, women color their hair why can't men do the same. I'm not saying that I would never be interested in an older man but he would have to be young at heart and mind. Anyway, why is it acceptable for a older man to date younger women but the opposite is poo poo....
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    I am 31 and alot of younger guys r attracted to me. Personally its my opinion, and i dont live life to the expectancy of society. I live life the way i want to If we cared about what everybody thought in this world we would go crazy. So the media can kiss -----, cus every other minute that u breath they r coming up with a new topic. Live the way you want to live.
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    I'm glad to see this topic here. I've dated younger men and have no problem with the age difference. Society in a whole will discriminate against something, whether it is age, color, same sex dating, etc, you as a person have to be comfortable with yourself and not care what others think. Just like it's more acceptable for men to be a little overweight (a dick-e-do) but women are expected to have a child or more and snap back like they looked pre-baby. Again, be confident in yourself and stop worrying about what others think.



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    Lately I have mostly dated men 10+ years younger than me, it's great. There is a huge double standard though. Kind of frustrating and very wrong!
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    Hi LadyJean557, I like your attitude.
    Hi unforgiven20, I like your opinion I wish more men here in the states felt the same way, unfortunately for some reason it is a double standard in that a guy dating younger is usually looked on as "Way to go" but a woman dating younger is called a cradle robber or a cougar. Why is age such a factor? I could see if we were talking 18 and 40 but if the man and woman are mature then why it is it so taboo? Let me know what you think.
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    Age makes no difference, I am 20 and would definately go out with a woman 40/50+ however whether they would want me is another question! Nothing wrong with it in my view, though.
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    sorry if you think my comments weren't nice, I tend to be right to the point.


    Your absolutely right about the forums, they are for people to ask questions and see what other people think. But, its also, about understanding that some people might not agree or might ask you something back you may or may  not like,, thats the whole beauty of the forums. people discussing idea's, whether or not we agree,, its a discussion.


    You didn't offend me in any way, but thanks.

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    Sorry I just looked at your profile, sorry if I offended you, I understand now.
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    Well niceguylooking, I would definetly think about changing your username because you don't sound very nice. I think the point of this whole forum is to just ask questions and see what people think. I don't feel guilty at all, why would you think I would? I guess you are trying to read between the lines that don't have anything written between them. I think you should just rethink why you seem to sound so offended by my forum discussion. Don't you?
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    Who said so,, or are you feeling a little guilty about it  ?


    If you arent than why even bring it up ?


    Personally I couldn't care less who dates who and if you didn't care this wouldn't be a topic.


    something to think about