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    well, im a great artist and i have 1000s of drawings and painting. i also write my own comic books as well. but i have no idea how to get my work out there. some day i would love to be published but i honestly know nothing about the business world. of course being stuck in Alaska probably doesn't help much ether lol. but due to my current finances it would take me forever to save up to get to the lower 48 states. crap i only make $700 a month and most of that goes to bills :(

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    You're not a disability artist, you're an artist. Period. As soon as you label yourself, you demean both your art and your disability. Your disability has NOTHING to do with who YOU are or your art. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    The reason why you don't make money with your art has nothing to do with your art or your disability. It has to do with the fact that you love your work. I love playing and writing music, I didn't make money at it because I couldn't step away from the emotional connection. As an accountant, I am able to make good money because I'm not emotionally invested in the outcome.

    The best way to make a profit from your art is to read books about marketing and selling and develop that side of your business. This is not something you are doing now. Read and learn as much as you can about marketing and sales, and then DO what it takes to turn your business around into a high-profit venture. 

    If you find it too disheartening, cold, and clinical (as I did with my music), then you face the decision of (a) being an artist and not making money or (b) doing something else all day that you can put in a decent performance (one where your disability is not a great hindrance), which pays great money, and for which you have no emotion invested.

    Good luck! I hope you find a path that allows you to make both art and money.


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    i am a disability artist that really wants to talk to true and honest people about helping me get my art out there i am very talented but it seems no one cares about a disability artist if thats not so then prove me wrong please ido the most amazing art out of junk

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