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    I have a fantastic job, im in Accident and Emergency at the moment and have had the oppurtunity to see babies born, repair broken bones, help to save lives, comfort relatives, take away pain, feed someone who is hungry, be there as an ear for problems, make bonds with people and work as part of a great team.
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    US Navy  seal medic  work  aboard US  Navy ships,  hospitals,  cinics.  Yes, nurse's are  over work in  public& private  society. i  did it  for   twenty yrs and    now  i'm  working as a Chef  in  the  Food& beverage. I   did   the 2011 New york Food&  Wine  Show  at Pier 57 in  NYC  ran  from September  29-October 2, 2011. So  great  over  2,500  people  attended  every day. The  International  restuarant& hotel   show is on  November 12-15,2011  will be  great too.  hola  back. if  you  want to  go to  the  show.  516-642-0401.

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    i will say this, and this is something that ive held to for a long , long time......."nurses and teachers do the most with the least; know more about their patients/students than the doctors or families do and yet; they still are VERY VERY VERY underpaid."
    this world will think nothing of a team signing a "player" to do just that ... "PLAY" ...then watch him get arrested a few times while he collects his millions. sign a teacher or nurse to that kind of contract and the world would go ballistic! seems to me (and i LOVE my sports , mind you!) that we have everything (or close to!) bassackwards.
    ive been in enough doctor's office's, clinic's, and hospitals and my sister is in the educational system and as i said before..........nurses and teacher's do the most with the least and get the least amount of credit for it. too bad. i have a heckuva lot of respect for these people.
    to you all.......i have the utmost respect for what you do. keep up the good work! :D
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    sounds exciting. don't know if I could deal with the heartache when it goes bad though.