New to the site and wanted to say hi. Newcomer Introduction

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    Hello all.


    I'm Jason and I just signed up a few days ago. I have been on other dating sites, but it always end the same. The site has more bots than people. I am looking to change my position in life. I have always felt like I could accomplish more and I hope to meet someone on here that feels the same way. I am a heavy set guy, but working on changing that. I have already lost fourty five pounds. I hope to make some new friends on here and find someone special to spend my time with. i guess you could say I am looking to start my life over.

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    HI Jason. Congratulations on working on yourself. Well, I'm also abit heavier than I am supposed to but I'm not so worried about that. Being an African woman, I've got to maintain my curves. I'm also new here and just checking out what people write here. So if you feel like you need to chat, just hola.


    Till then.