where are the guys who are serious about a lasting relation Long Term Relationship

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    Im just wondering where are all the guys who want something more than just a fling. Where are the men who are looking for someone older than 22. Who is looking for a real relationship that has purpose and meaning. Not just a "sexual situation". Where are? Are you out there anywhere or am I just wasting my time looking. Are you tired of the dating scene? Mabe you should start looking at real women who have there feet planted firmly on the ground and who are not looking for a sugar daddy or a wallet. Money can buy alot of things but it certainly can't buy a real person who is just looking to love you and be loved by you.


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    Struggling in the society , taking a bang out of the next available girl next door..after all where are all the good Women who stand up for their men in all adverse condition and is not willing to pack her bags on the advice of her friends.
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    We are out there just takes some work to uncover !  ;)