Why I'm in it for the money Long Term Relationship

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    I'm going to give myself a vote for the worst reason of all time as to why I seek a love that has some cash this time around.

    In my last relationship I was with a man who I really and truly loved and adored for the first half of our relationship. He was great in so many ways for a long time. Great friend, great lover, great conversation. I appreciated all of these things. After some time passed, it became clear that he had some hang up's about "never having enough" that esclated into a daily ritual of expressing his dissapointment of "lack." Personally, I was quite content as we worked well as a team and all of our needs were being met. Eventually, this "never enough" mindset began to color everything and even bled into our relationship. Over time I realized that the only thing getting in the way of him attracting more and reaching goals was the way he was thinking. Living in lack became an obsession. So there was always plenty of it go around.

    I learend a lot about myself in that relationship. I learned that I have grown into a woman who has the ability and heart to love and give of myself 100%. Sooo.. my thinking this time around is that if I find a guy who is satisfied with his financial situation, we can get on with the business of loving one another without any real worries. I won't be asking for "things" and let a guy piece me off with an expensive pair of shoes and the likes.

    I'm guessing this sounds like a really bad reason to go for a man of status... but it's where I'm at.

    Any takers?


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    I agree...for the same reason.

    I have the same question...any takers? :)