To make somebody happy, you have to be happy first Long Term Relationship

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    Im looking for a man that is successful, balanced and with a strong self esteem (not self sufficient though).

    Has a very good sense of humor, is bright and adventurous.

    He is good looking and most important has a strong charisma.

    I'd love to be with a man that understands the "pendulum effect". Therefore he knows that a woman as strong as she is, opinioned and determined she could be in private just as sensitive, loving, carrying and soft... A man that understands that at the end of the day, like everyone of us, a woman needs confirmation and needs to know that she is desired and he makes her feel the most beautiful.

    Also very important to me is to admire the man I am with, to be inspired and fascinating by him. I need a visionary person next to me with a strong character. So if somebody believes that I am on this web site looking just for guys with money, he is wrong. I am looking for someone that did something with his life and that could appreciate a strong woman that would tell him her honest opinion about everything (with style, humor and elegance though. I admit could be pretty sharp also).

    I want to be with a man that is tender, romantic, passionate and spontaneous... Routine is something that I always like to break.

    Well... there is much to write here... but again... let's chat about this!

    To say something about me:

    I am a people magnet! I am sophisticated, yet down to earth and with a positive attitude... Could be a diva, a loving mother, a best friend, a crazy kid, a PR lady, a passionate lover and I am feeling that I am myself in all these...

    I am more the "all or nothing" type. I don't do half measures.

    I love to dance, to cook, to go out. My laugh is contagious and I think that life without sense of humor is getting really heavy. Nobody got ever bored around me... I believe that the most challenging thing yet rewarding is to keep alive the passion in a relationship. And for that you have to work every day.

    I love great restaurants, fashion, stylish things; five stars hotels (where you could leave a mess and you find it tied up by the time you're back in the room :-)), shopping, VIP parties. But just as much I like to be outdoors, with jeans and T-shirt, running on the beach.

    Well, give me a sign and we'll chat more about all that.
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    Good luck with finding the "perfect one". ^^