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    The reality is that when a LOVE RELATIONSHIP lessens their lovemaking they begin the not so slow process of starving their love which is nourished by sexual energy the couple generates. The sexual union between TWO IN LOVE can enrich and deepen the emotional, intellectual , spiritual oneness of a MAN AND WOMAN It's magic! On the other hand, illicit selfish sex may be a source of physical emotional, and spiritual diseases that wound and destroy. The fact is we are sexual not a subversion of it. Spiritual intimacy enriches us, but sexual immorality interferes with that intimacy. Through the gift of sex our sexual polarity as male and female is part of what it means to be in love. Through the gift of consecrating a love. Through sexual behavior we are taught a profound value of the relationship. Our personal history and past experiences plays a big part of who we are. But when we make love to our partner there should be no history, only the present and a future. Men and women have a undeniable urge to merge. To attain a higher sense of being and a biological desire to become one with our beloved is undeniable. But in our fervor, it is possible to mistake oneness for sameness. In fact, we are not the same. In fact, it is the differences between a man and woman that make their combination succeed. I don't mean irreconcilable differences, of course. Nor do I mean that men and women are different in every way. We share a lot, and we are naturally drawn to someone who is like ourselves in certain ways-- someone with a similar sense of humor, common background, or a shared sense of right and wrong, or similar goals and dreams. The difference I am talking about are those basic ones that distinguish male from female. The difference in sexual nature. Attempting to satisfy a passionate relationship while denying these differences is almost impossible. In understanding the nature of these differences between the sexes partners can learn to capitalize on them, making them work to their advantage. Because in fact the differences are complementary. What a man lacks, a women has to spare, and vice versa.

    Remember true unselfish loving feelings are only safely derived from loving actions. Loving feelings are profoundly felt through loving grace and loving acts. Through loving actions we create healthy loving feelings. Love is a clear decision made from reason, but a love based on feeling is unpredictable and can change. Love at times is long-suffering stay with it! Even when your mate at times doesn't deserve it, continue on loving like you would want them to love you when you don't deserve it. More often then not patient loving actions will be returned many times fold. We will know love by our own loving actions. So you see much depends on you and your acts whether you will have true loving feelings and have them returned. Love making is to be shown first by expressing loving concerns, and acts of nurturing kindness, and affections to our mate. Without this sexual energy lessons and is deemed as not sincere. Where one is weak, the other provides strength. The couple covers for one another, supports one another. They are team mates; they are pals. They build each other up, they never put each other down. They know that to hurt ones partner is to hurt ones self. I point this out because if this is not right in the way it should be then sexual behavior between each other will be perverse and selfish. So remember always the maintenance of harmony in a relationship is the first consideration to a happy unselfish sex life between partners.. Words of love and respect acted and spoken are most essential in expressing our love. If this is not present then sex will be selfish, not welcomed. Partners are to communicate with all their senses and on many levels. They connect spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is most essential for sexual behavior to be received in a healthy sincere way by one another.
    There are distinct sexual differences between a man and woman. As for what sexual behaviors are permit-able is left up to one and each others own conscience and to be decided through understanding in advance. What partners have decided on is to be up held as long as one or the other believes and is convicted to believe what is wrong for them.. Most often what is wrong can be understood by looking at intentions. Is it your intention in the end to be simply satisfied. When self is the sole motive all sexual behavior is wrong, and selfish. Men who simply consider their own sexual selfish pleasure may even at worst prey on the weaker.
    Women are much different then men. They have a much larger capacity to be pleasured in pleasing. She deserves it for the reason sex was created for, child bearing. Which is painful and for this she deserves all the pleasures sexually that she can potentially have. For instance they can have two different types of orgasms.The clitoris and the gspot. The gspot being the one most ignored or undiscovered. This spot is where the women's pain and pleasure may be most released. Read and educate yourselves its okay its how we are made. Women are potentially cable of multiple orgasms and ones that last much longer then men . But unfortunately in most cases takes much longer for her to get there. Especially when her mind is absent of trust, filled with past conditioning, or insecure thoughts. But with knowing and feeling her mans true love she may feel much sooner. When a women makes love to her man she delights him by showing him what is most pleasurable to her. For she is in need to experience all the pleasure she has been made capable of experiencing. When a man tells his woman of her powers, her importance to him, her value, when he says and shows that he loves her deeply, these things move through her, inside her, and become part of her by the man offering his love making as a gift to his beloved. A women's sexual awakening is very important to her unlike a man and so it is the mans responsibility along with his woman's guidance in opening this flood gate of pleasure. For in doing so it will for her activate a powerful sexual even a spiritual energy creating an atmosphere for her awakening relieving anxiety, stress and even has healing powers if need be. When a women makes love to her man, she not only delights him but also shows him what is most pleasurable to her. Once a women is awakened, both partners benefit. The women's pleasure and desire for lovemaking increases. So trust on this men if you put your woman first when it comes to love and love making the great blessings of love and maybe even marriage will follow. And women help your man by educating them on what your needs are for if you don't you may only have yourself to blame for the lack of love present.

    Okay men where's this leave you and your pleasure. Well that is for the soul purpose of pleasing your woman and her responsibility to you is to aid you to the point of being excited enough to continue to please her until she is fully and I mean fully pleased. Men you will be pleased in knowing you have fully pleased your womwn and she will value you in more ways then you will ever understand. She will desire you much more and isn't that pleasure enough reward for you. How can a man do this for his woman in sexual love making? BY THINKING OF HER AND HER NEEDS BEFORE HIS OWN. You have what it takes through unselfish acts of love and in many forms of sexual behavior. Plus refrain from releasing by the abilities given you. Refrain by breathing deep, pacing yourself, please in other pleasurable ways, don't make it or set out to make it about you and your pleasure only hers . Your objective in love making is to only satisfy your woman, making that your only objective. Do what your capable of to not short circuit. You have a muscle that makes this possible it is called the pubococcygeal muscle or the PC muscle. EXERCISE THIS MUSCLE. The mans own birth control. Once a man has developed a strong PC muscle, he will gain great control. And guess what men you will begin to experience impending almost constant orgasmic feelings called dry orgasms, with out ejaculating.. So you see in your strict desire to please your woman in love making becomes even better for you and her. Don't get discouraged it will take practice and even maybe many months or years. Both partners are to be involve in this developing learning experience. But in the end it will be well worth it. So men save your self (but never stop it once it has started). It is vital to your health and is meant to be kept most of the time. Well unless you are trying to procreate. You might say its like a savings account and the more you withdraw the less you will have for the future. But if saved while in frequent love making with your woman you may be capable well into your old age. Spending this vital source will weaken you , put bags under eyes, tire you, deplete your energy, age you, deplete your immune system, and you will be unable to prolong or give the frequent love making your woman may need for her to be ultimately satisfied and feel unselfishly loved. Which she needs for her own good health. If the men save this vital source they will find they have more energy, feel younger, look younger longer, and they will know they have what it takes to satisfy their woman with convincing confidence. Plus the woman will gain respect for her man. Convinced in knowing he has satisfied her needs in love and not simply his own. She will desire him more and more.

    If you say this is not right, well how will you know if you never try. One more thing to add men if you save your self time and time again as long as you can maybe days maybe weeks while frequently making love to your woman, well I want you to know when you do decide to release it will be like no other orgasm you have ever ever felt before, and then you will know it was more then worth the effort of saving. Look at it as building a saving...

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    hi,, I couldnt read the whole thing ,, lol, i got lost, but want to give my 2 cents about men and woman.. we are animals by nature and that says it all. I do beleive in all kinds of love and different ways to show ones love... but it all ends up we meet everyone for a reason in our lives to learn and love I want to ask you , have you ever seen a movie called 5 people you must meet to get to heaven.. or something like that,, anyway its a good movie.. it shows everyone comes in our lives for a reason and lesson.. its good,, I do know that love and life is great!!! thanks for the post , I will take the time later to read all of it.. littlered