Does it really works? Long Term Relationship

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    ...I'm filling out my profile (new to this) and in the middle of it, I decided to look at the blogs… Now I'm concerned if this is a site to do a virtual date or people really meet in person?… How about all the people that still members for years? No luck with love, or are everyone avoiding phisically meeting?…
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    I think it works if you have realistic expectations. I have been a member for a while and have met a few really nice gentlemen. I have also gained a few good friends along the way. I have met a couple of guys from this site, but nothing has come of it and that is okay. Be friednly and take the profiles with a grain of salt.

    Good Luck!
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    There seems to be many here that have been members for years but you would imagine (hope) in that case that these people are actually meeting people online or in the more traditional sense or maybe some combination of these two methods. The whole online experience is strange in that you are viewing ones words that are strung together in order to flatter them, you are looking at images that are static and void any insight to ones character, so it is difficult to engage whether there will be an attraction in reality and i imagine that people are meeting but there is no chemistry offline. Then there is a distance issue as people here are from all corners of the globe, something really special would have to manifest itself online before one would contemplate incurring expense to actually meet that person in real life. Then there is probably a fraction of people who have created an illusion of who they actually are and someways have to live within there own existence that they created so hence they would be less prone to meeting as this illusion will be shattered. Online dating probably has advantages if one was into serial dating but i for one have definitely concluded that it is of less benefit to those seeking more longterm relationships and your observation of members being here years proves this point.