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    Hey, what's happening? I'm recently single and constantly being reminded that I'm not good enough for the right one, or "out of my league", if I see a potential star quality kind of man.Of course, the guy across the bar isn't waving to me to come on by. Hunching, that he's probaly waiting around for something "better to come along", or simply "total perfection". Meaning, already "shakin" and"looks like she just came out of the salon. Do men prefer women like Penelope Cruiz, and Carmen Eleckra. Of course that's just constant dreaming,I don't know anyone into psychology. Are the hot chics in "Playboy" what men really, happily want. Geez, someone give me a clue-i'm dazed and confuzed all day.That's all for now, hope you all meet a nice, pretty something or spectacular dude.
    Ciao paparrazzi!
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    Hello and I can understand your frustration. There is a secret to it believe me...and the secret is.....most men are visual creatures they cannot help it. Therefore all you have to do is give them something to look at its like going fishing..the earrings are the lures! LOL have fun get gussied up and go get em girl!

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    yes! and online dating makes it even more difficult because there are SO MANY to choose from!
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    Hey there,
    you seem really nice, and I am sure you'll find that someone. Lookin too, it tough, I think the more you've got that's great or an exceptional quality since you expect the same from others...

    But you would probably do better if you'd let people see what you look like. BTW - I was born in Pittsburgh and I love going back every year to watch the Steelers....noticed you are in PA

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    Girls, I think you need to have enough confidence...those aren't the guys you want. I have a degree in psychology and social work and believe I have a lot to offer someone. There is much more than looks and if the guys don't appreciate be it. It is not your issue it is there's. Women need to be independent and not needy...confidence is what you need and be true to yourself.
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    yes i agree with you men seem to search for better all the time..very unfortunate for most of us...don't give up though..don't know y i just said that but..we have to go on..the strong will strong , stay strong..and good luck with your search..we're in the same boat:(