Are There Any Serious Men Here? Long Distance Relationship

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    I've joined this site about three years ago and never dated anyone I've met here. I have talked with several men, but most of them simply dissapear after winking at me or sending me a message. I've answered politely, I've shown my interest (if I like that person), and then...nothing. Others exchanged a few messages with me, but they were definately not interested in meeting me in the real world.
    What's the point in setting up an online profile and sending messages if you are not willing to actually get to know the person you are contacting? I'm starting to believe that most profiles here are either fake or they simply belong to some people who don't have any serious intentions...All I wanted was to meet an intelligent person, to exchange ideas and get to know each other, and then meet face-to-face and see what happens next.
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    Well I can only speak for me here. I'm actually serious about being a long term relationship. I never claimed that I'm a millionaire. If you have seen my blog posts and my profile, I never claimed that. I value self-sufficiency in a woman. and that has been hard to find on here and I've been a member a little over a week now. For me, it's because I'm tired of conceding. I do not think my expectations are unrealistic. To ask that the woman I'm going to be in a long term relationship with is educated, smarter than I am, is more financially successful than I am and does not emasculate me for it, because I have a career, and I'm not going to quit it, is not superficial and doesn't care if I am not 6 feet tall, not being white with blond hair and blue eyes (just telling it like it is) with 6 pack abs, that I'm very healthy even though I don't go to the gym 6 days a week trying to look like I'm 20, and can be uncompromisingly honest about who they are and what they want like I can, and can actually have a completed profile with a picture instead of just putting "please ask me" because I'm not asking obvious questions that should be in your profile. I'm not looking for eye candy, I actually read profiles because it would give e something to elaborate on when and if I decide to send a message. I get all these women who look at my profile and don't bother to write a thing? I'm sorry but I'm just not attracted to shy women. I was told that the New Yorker in me. It's 2018. There is absolutely nothing with a woman walking up, sending a message etc. to a guy and just say "I find you interesting. Let's talk" I'm not fake. I'm very real, I'm just not settling. If that makes me wrong or oblivious to the narrative, then I'm not apologizing for what my morals, and character are.

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    Quoting author:

    I just joined this site yesterday and reading all these posts of women being on here for years and not meeting anyone is very discouraging. :(

    I've been on and off here for a few years now and only met one gentleman who was what he said he was. I get plenty of winks and have messaged a couple of men but they do not meet my standards.  Also have had at least 2 scams.  I am not hard to please, but I do expect a man to be a gentleman.

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    I have met a few great guys on this site. It is a numbers game, you have to just be patient and get lucky. Good luck, enjoy the search.

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    I just joined this site yesterday and reading all these posts of women being on here for years and not meeting anyone is very discouraging. :(

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    Gezz this is all sounding discouraging.  I would not be able to see this postings I think without having upgraded.


    In March I paid for a subscription and spent 100% of my valuable time reporting scammers.  I was so angry that only scammers wrote me.


    I'm stupid enough again to pay another subscription hoping someone actually writes me who is actually serious, but not expecting it since I tried this site since 2016.


    With an super fit attractive lady like yourself, then that's worrying for the rest of us.

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    I found it very odd as well on here . I finally manged to chat with a man that sounded sensible . However by chatting on the third week he sent me some nude pictures of himself. And it appears he just wnated to use the site to mess around as he had got divorced had 4 children and that was that. I politely declined him .

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    I totally agree with you, hence my reason for putting my membership on hold this month. If a guy is serious about getting to know me, he will find a way.

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    hi.,this mike ..i am interested in you and am serious and i am looking for love and relationship me mike.danielli

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    Hi Egypt33,

    I am very impressed by your althetic body. Wow you are in remarkable shape. I must confessed its a little intimidating for a guy like me that just have an average physique.

    Anyway I am sorry to read that you are having a difficult time finding someone serious on here. But my suggestion is not to give up hope. Look if you are seeking a foreigner then you should know it takes a very special man that would be willing to travel all the way to Romania. I myself have been there several times and I absolutely love it there... I even speak a little Romanian, "Beliti mi Pula." hahahaha... I am sorry for being soooo rude. Those were the first words I learn when I visited for the first time. I was in a bar shooting pool with a couple of Romanian friends and wanted to pick-up some girls at the bar. My friends told me to apprach them and tell them "beliti mi pula" and that it meant, "hello how are you?" It was very funny.. good thing the girls had a nice sence of humour and forgave me for my ignorance.

    Anyway I am not your time as I am not so much a health nut as you evidently are (and I meant that as a compliment. I wish I was as disciplined as you to have such a rock hard body. you are soooo sexy). But rest assure there are real millionaires like myself on this site and I am sure you will meet someone... You may wish to delete the pic that show you doing a side-way push-up... Like I said its sexy but may intimidate men who are not so fit as you. Men are very insecure creatures.

    Ok take care...


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    You live in Romania, meaning that to meet someone in the United States you would need an airline ticket. The assumption is that you would want someone else to pay for th eticket, which would be fine if you actually showed up. But, unfortunately there are a lot of girls tha just take the travel expenses and keep them.
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    Dont upgrade...
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    Everything that you said IT iS TRUE. no one is serious here I already STOP my payment here, this is a lost of time....winking and chatting is all that you can get from here!! Men are too fake or intimated to approach a beautiful woman... I got 200 emails 100 winkes and one person serious, if you have plenty of spare time, keep trying maybe after a lot of time you get someone
    I am really sorry to posted this commentary but it is true.
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    Dear woman, stop be sad about your self, or how you look the big thing is inside, be happy about your life as it is there are only one of you and nobody can copy you, think of what walue you have not the walue of your wallet. :-)
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    Hello you all, i just became a member and it was not that easy. I was even asked for my id to confirm my details. Considering that procedure i had the idea this website was quite serious. I'm here with good intentions to hopefully find a nice girl with good intentions as well. This topic shows obvious that there are at least serious girls on this website.
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    Hmmm.... if I was a really hot and good looking woman looking for true and lasting love.... I'm not really sure I would try to find it on a dating site or something like that....

    Just like really beautiful women want to be loved for who they are and not how they look, I believe that rich men want to be loved for who they are and not for their money....
    So I think that dating sites like this that are focusing on the specific property of financial wealth, will make the rich men joining hold back a bit with no real expectation of finding nice honest women.....even though how much the women are claiming that they are....
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    The concern seems to be why aren't guys writing you lovely women but they are viewing you.  Speaking for myself, there is something rewarding about viewing a beautiful woman. But just because a woman is beautiful doesn't mean it would be worth the effort to write.  I mean, often times there is something in their profile preferences (especially the part about guys they are seeking) that suggests it will be an automatic rejection (e.g., age, height, location, etc.).  What's the point of writing if you are going to be ignored or rejected anyway.  Just my two cents.
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    There are many reasons you may not have connected.  1) Distance; 2) You are very beautiful and they could be intimidated; 3) Most men on this site actually don't have the money they say they do and meeting would show that; 4) It's not a fit for them; 5) You are attracting players instead of interested men.... there are probably more but that's all I can think of for now.  Cheers...
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    I agree! I have lots of people viewing but no one saying anything. What gives? O wait.... the ones that do email are just looking for a hook up. It's sad to say but even men with money that you think would be classy still only want to play games. Starting to think true LOVE is a thing of the past. if I wanted to sleep with a every stranger that looked my way then I would go to a bar not pay money to be on here.
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    To see how aerious I am in my search

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