Is God or should God be a part of your relationship? Lifestyle

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    Is God or should God be a part of your relationship?  If yes, how?
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    God knows.

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     It will profit  both to be equally yoke. 

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    Perhaps God is part of it, whether we realize it or not.


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    No,religion should never be a part of relationship,unless both are religious and believe in the same lies and follow the same interpretation. Anyhow,there is no prove if there is a god or not. The only prove there is, all religion books are writen by human"even if they say its sended out heaven or by an angel,still writen by human",in that way, and if you can think rational you better considering if you have to follow those interpretations of those who spread the word.

    If we considering that...who spread the real word? Confusing isn´t? Rational thinking is the sollution,but that seems indeed an issue for most believers. Btw,the word believe says it all,just believe whitout question the trick? Its the way politicians work today, just believe me,no mather what,and i tell you more lies.

    The next question is, what religion is the truth religion,tricky again, because they all claim to be the real one? At the other hand, if god is almighty ,god seems not to know one of his angels would protest his laws and have to send that angel to the underworld "know as Hell".

    God needed six days to create the universe...but needed more then 2000 years to write and rewrite tree times the books,for something almighty and all knowing pretty dumb isn´t? And more,god needed hes own creation "human" to spread the word...well...right.

    The only suggestion i have is,keep your religion for yourself,if you feel good with it,its ok,but don´t try to convince others with those lies.Amen...whatever that means o.O

    Anyway...God is a comedian, playing to an audience too afraid to laugh.


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    Quoting author:

    Not sure what "God" has to do with a relationship, or anything in life for that matter.

    Anyone with any common sense should be open to the possibility of there being a God as it would be foolish to reject the possibility, but at the same time admit that no one actually knows if there is one or not and is therefore not in any position to state whether one exists or not. And certainly not go around preaching their beliefs in a fact-like manner.

    I always try and steer clear of religious people as most are deluded and are incapable of rational thought.

    Julian..way to insult a good portion of the readers on here.  I think you should include that last sentence of yours in your profile. Not only will you avoid any Christian women but anyone capable of rational thought will probably steer clear of you.

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    I believe God should be a part of my relationship (when I get one) because first off God is love. Love is foundational to a longlasting relationship. Also, when God is a central part of a relaionship, that relationship bears a uniqueness to it that goes beyond the norm....I could go on and on, but I will make it short and sweet.....
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    If we are to draw on the promises that are given to all of us individualy then Matthew 6;33  "But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you."  ...could be a starting point where God becomes central focus of a relationship.