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    Life is to short to worry about the small things. Happiness is the key to a wonderful life and good health. We say this over to many times but never really hear our self and follow the saying. So what little time we do have. Be HAPPY! ( :

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    Life is not that easy because it comes with no guarantees. We base most of it on hope and trying to make things happen. Well, to me, hope is just an illusion, an image of something unexistent, unless we make it happen of course. But then it wouldn't be considered hope. People tend to misunderstand the word happiness - getting everything you want. Actually is adapting, learning, embracing, thinking positive and making the best of it throughout this journey. Sometimes we hate it, and sometimes we love it. But really, no one can define what happiness is. We all see it from different perspective because, after all, is what make US happy, as individuals.