i like woman and love man i immoral:)?for the bi outher Lesbian and Gay Relationships

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    I HAD 4 RELATIONSHIPS IN MY LIFE ..2 with men twowith women ..with women i have something which is called tendernes. with men and the sense of being ..complete..with women when finshed it was easy .with men complicated. with men when i think back it still hurts..with women ..makes me laugh ..waht about you?

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    I have been with many strait females but only about 6 bifemales who were honest with me about there bisexual needs, that I being open minded excepted, i have to say in all honesty they were the happyest relationships, open communication was great, no jealousy or drama , even discusing another female she was attracted to, or even sharing together was great never hurt our relationship but made it stronger, some people think sex is love but its not, sex ia about trust and sensual fun, you can love sex, but sex isent love, My last bif G/F was a carrier girl who get a well diserved promotion to the west coast, since i have dated strait closed minded females but I carnt deal with their control issues jealousy and drama, Ill take a bifemale anytime over strait. some lesbians are very nice but most are very rude towards men and bifemales, just my findings thats all.
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    I feel the same way: I desire women in a different way than men; yes, it's tender and easy letting go afterwards because you both walk away with something special in your hearts that you know will always be there, the comfort from one woman to another woman; the men, yes, strength, protection and f!#ked like cavemen's something that feels should be so right & natural. Man & Woman Fit Like A Perfect Puzzle.
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    Hey so you've had 4 relationships, but in there is an 'in-the-middle', and unless you have a good understanding of what im talking about, its not easy to explain, something like 'Tantra' but with a twist, not many women know of it, only the very few do, and its changed thier lives to a more positive heightened sense of being. Mark x