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    GREAT EVERYONE -- let's talk ART - and ALL of it - meaning - WHAT do YOU consider to be "GOOD" - and WHAT is YOUR "Definition" of "ART". // PROMOTION is DEFINITELY a PRIME Fact that SELLS a Painting or Film - NOW - but - WHAT does really "LAST FOREVER". // With a Person, who is a Work of Art, yes, - let's talk about WHAT sets US as an Individual "Apart" - what ENTICES you about someone else, which DOES go hand in hand with seeing a Painting or Film. // "QUALITY" - what do YOU consider to be QUALITY. // And, ok ok - I'm an Artist, and paint "Social" Circumstances. Sofar I see that People really do just LIKE to, get a GOOD feeling, or some sort of FEELING when viewing "Art". // And, yes, the explicit CAN be an "ART" - but, depending HOW - it's presented. // Am curious WHY we pick to see a certain Film or Painting at a Museum - WHAT "grabbed" you to HAVE TO SEE this "Work of ART". Or, WHY, read a certain Book, or, WHAT was it that got your ATTENTION about this Web site. It All seems to be about the "Fine Art" of - HOW one does things. // Much respect to ALL --- Roland ---
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    Art is the manifestation of one's emotions. By emitting and directing our emotions we can create.
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    i am a junk artist and i take junk and make amazing art out of junk so id like to know what every one thinks of my art that is a tv i gutted out and did a new york memorial into the tv

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    Dear sweet midwestern, But to have a man give you some sexy Jimmy Choo's or Manola Blahniks and read poetry he has penned the words himself...Pure bliss !Divine , delicous having your cake and icing both!

    After the shoes are out of fashion the words will never be forgotten,
    embedded in your mind ,Words of love spoken written from ones depth of their soul for another soul.
    Is there anything more precious then words that moves one, or art for that matter?
    This Female creature here would think she was in Utopia...

    I must say some of you men are proving to me that not all men are from Mars some are perhaps even venus into beautiful aspects of life and the beauty of art, amour, and people like the Goddess 's Venus &Aphrodite...
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    dormavirgo, your comments here have really caught my eye, my thoughts and are far more meaningful than a pair of shoes, even Jimmy Choos.
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    ps --- curious to get comments about my Forum Subject - MONEY, the EASIEST FACT to aquire.
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    I was fascinated by man artists self portriats.
    His whole persona is alluring.
    I love Rob and his sensitivity how he can be so in touch with himself as a man and express this is I am short of words.
    the world is filled with to many macho men and not men who like us women Venus creatures express ourselves through words and actions.
    Love like an ocean Poetry in motion
    Plain and simple.

    Man artist
    Just the whole artist persona is mysterious captivating,
    He is living his life as he wants inventing reinventing himself.But always being true to thine ownself.
    I loved Andy Warhol and how he chose to live/love as an artist,His drag queen best friend "candy' his friends I would have loved to have been back in Studio 54 in NYC hanging around what a time that must have been!
    Picasso VanGough, Rembrandt,Michelangio,georgia Okeefe, Salvatore Dali,
    My art tastes vary from impressionists to modern to abstract, I love Baroque and the classics and the eclectic.
    I used to paint my medium was oil .
    I love photography as well Anne Lieberwietz black and whites do it for me.
    I change in what I like in Art but I admire artists their passion , their drive, their romance
    the drama how VanGough for love cut off his ear.
    I would be crazy enough to do this sadly.
    How many great writers , painters were actually so driven with a touch of madness to them eccentric, happy , sad , depressed.
    I write Poetry and write short stories and my early work writing was compared to two poets which was flattering by professors Anne Sexton and Slyvia PLath whom I used to hate having my works critiqued sometimes anonymously as well in classes and then I read both these women Anne Sexton and Slyvia Plath committed suicide...I couldn't write I was so sad .
    I loved how the great Agatha Christie to get even with her husband when he left her faked her own death and dissapeared into the country side of England he had left her for another woman .
    being Famous Agatha was spotted and her husband up on murder charges the scoundrel she pretended she had amnesia,
    That's my kind of girl.

    I used to love Virginia Wolfe and she committed suicide by filling rocks in her pocket and drowing in the river she told her husband she felt a nother mad spell coming on and then poetry of TS Elliott and Viv his expression of love for Vivian then I read her story how she had PMS and all she needed was meds and he locked her away in an institution and the poetry of Love he wrote for her became to me meaningless words maybe at the time he felt it but he didn't feel it enough in his heart to love her for the long haul better or worse.
    It is said he seldomly visited her either
    This is what I want all or nothing.
    The Romeo and Juliet tale.....
    How do I love thee let me count the ways Elizabeth Browning.
    I live in my own little Xanadu kubla kahn.
    Give me a man who can write poetry like Robert Frost, walt Whitman, and lord byron.
    I just want a Poem for Valentines day...
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    Hey Man! Jump forward a couple decades for the meaning of dude. Sorry, that was my eastTN redneck attempt at CA surfer lingo. LOL But by throwing that out there, I guess we did get to learn a little more about you. So you are not native CA then but rather a European transplant.

    Much easier to read btw! I feel hopeful that we will be able to transcend you to multi-paragraph posts soon. :o) That is interesting that the format comes from scripts though.

    Not quite sure how you got in the Gay Shoe section either. I would have thought that you would have come to the forum subsection and added a thread. Where did you post it originally?

    So do you have a website to promote your work? You will probably have to "clip" the URL to get it to pass the unwanted words filter, but anywho... My brother is a graphics artist in Nashville, TN, which is also the home of country music.
    Yes, art is very individualistic. That is what makes it so facinating to me. Art that might "speak" volumes to some may leave no impression at all on others. No offense to those that do it, but I think art critics are over rated (perhaps mainly in their own minds)... Art should be for everyone! And I think everyone is capable of producing art, if they are willing to give it the time.

    While my "work" is very technical, I have an artistic side too. Actually, from a test on tickle . com, it told me I am actually more artistic than technical, but I go with what pays the bills. My brother on the other hand follows his heart and his dream and his art. This is a constant debate between us. :o) He once told me I sold my soul to the corporate devil in our 20's. LOL

    One of the things about art that has stuck with me was given to me by my art tutor. I took some lessons from a local artist when I was in 7th grade. She said that the main thing technically that distinguishes artist from most people is that the artist has already made their 10000 mistakes, so drawing - painting - writing - sculpting - whatever comes easier. Aside from that, it is the creativity of what is produced.
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    Art is very individualistic. What looks good to me might not to someone else. I am afraid you might need to be talking to an art lover not a Lover of art. I wouldn't know a Monet from a Picasso and actually think they are ugly. Many of them anyway. I love Art but don't pick by the artist but by the picture. So unless you are another artist this would be a hard topic to discuss. Most would have this same opinion...............
    I think taste, curiosity and interesting would be good words to describe why we pick what we do be it Art, movies or what.
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    Yo Dude Bro - Robert -- by the way, what is this seeming American thing of calling a person a "Dude", I mean, I don't work on a Dude Ranch, meaning to be a Cowboy, I think. Please explain, what does "Dude" really mean? I recall it's something from the 1950's. Oh, and by the way, per the speech pattern and capitalization - it's similar to James Spader per Boston Legal - he and I speak quite similar, except that I have a very "clipped" German, no, more Continental accent. Americans are absolutely facinating. I adore the free expression here. And, the American vs the British language - wow - and, all in all - I'll stick to Painting to communicate. Thanks again, for your reply - very verrrry helpful !! Much much respect --- Roland ---
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    Rob -- an EXCELLENT reply -- and, oops, here I go again with the emphasis capitalization. I tend to write very "Theatre Script", very Bette Davis or Orson Welles - slow and with intent, and, it's how I speak, it's very British Theatre training, mixed with the German. But, yes, thanks - excellent excellent advice, and the absolute perfect analysis comparing it to Music, and Thought Digestion - an absolute perfect answer !! Thanks !! And, hm, curious how my topic got mixed in with Gay and Shoes. But, all in all, thanks - for your response - that it's a "Feeling" which happens when choosing what you see. Thanks. Much respect - Roland -- ps, what about using hyphens, or a comma as a type of "pause" of thought when writing? And, ah yes, the capitalization - as emphasis - very German, and quite the Theatre.
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    No offense to your artistic side dude, but your creative writing is incredibly difficult to read... When YOU capitalize EVERY other WORD, the emphasises lose meaning. Paragraphs give the mind a second to digest what it has consumed before moving on. I once heard it said that "music is the silence in between the notes"...

    As for art, it is almost an intangible as to what art is good and what is not to my tastes. Many of the things that I take home are selected because they "SPEAK" to me. Not literally, but they kinda pull on heart strings or tweak the soul. Most of them just have this little something or other, and I find them attractive.

    Oddly, I would have to say that the women that I have been intimate with are very similar to my tastes in art. A few have been very beautiful by "common" standards, but most would be considered average looking, but there was just something about them...