is it true about black men Interracial Relationship

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    I am a white women who never had any reltations with black men. i am single for a short time and met hispanic, and white men. i just met a black man who is sweet, gentle and kind. he is not built like some black men that i have seen in magazines. he is average and a good lover. i do have a problem, he is not telling me the truth. how do i know? i have strong feelings and know when someone is holding something back.

    he could either have a girlfriend living with him or a wife. i will find out, but there is no future, because my family will not accept him. he is also much younger then i am, which isn't a bad thing, but honey, there is something going on.

    i will never say never again.


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    Always trust your instinct.
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    In my very humble opinion it would be impossible based on the information provided to say whether you were told the truth. However, if you believe he's been deceptive or lied to you, why not confront him. I suspect this is not really the issue given your assessment of the relationship.

    It has been my experience that families have a great deal of influence in our lives, I wouldn't necessarily question their motivations as a rule. In being very candid with you, you never mentioned why the two of you were together in the first place.

    I think you already know what is in your best interest at this point. I do hope the best for you in the future.
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    I am not that man.

    Besides being a good lover, I am an honest man. My relationships broke because my job pulled me away from my girlfriend, my ex-wife was abusive, a father of my previous girlfriend had a problem with the color of skin, one woman did not want a man who wanted so much sex, another woman didn't thought I was having an affair - was not having an affair, and the last girl did not like the fact that I lost my federal job (contract expired).

    Most Black, Multi, White or any other type man cheat in one way of the other. You have now read something by a man who is good man and is not seeking to lie to persuade or cheat. It is neither color nor gender, but it is the heart of the one you seek. The lie is a breed created by our government.

    Good Luck!