Locks or Not? Interracial Relationship

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    Just thought I would ask this question, I have beautiful Locks which I have been growing for 5 years and absolutely love them and for the first time in my life feel beautiful. Although growing up in the UK there is a stigma that people with locks are weed smoking Rasta’s with no real future. I have been through the whole hair extensions but never really felt beautiful maybe because I felt that straight long locks were more acceptable. Being a educated crafty Interior Designer who now lives in paradise, where locks are the norm I would just like to hear some of your opinions on the Topic Locks or Not?

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    The only opinion that matters is your own.  If you love them that should settle it.  If somebody else doesn't like them then they don't have to grow locks.  It is noody elses business what you do with you hair.  Cheers.