Rivergate Painting Oasis in Los Angeles High End Experiences

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    Los Angeles · Create your Masterpiece in luxury. $250 per person

    The Night Before

    We'll tour the studio and the estate. A glass of wine, a discussion about Art. An opportunity to get to know your fellow art students. With a focus on developing a painting plan for you to follow the next day. This is your painting, we are not following a script. We'll make great plans and promises of work late into the night with a printer and a pencil we will plan our Masterpiece

    Painting Day

    We will make a painting. I'll give you a ready made one, and we will stretch and size a canvas. We will introduce the techniques, acrylic, oil, and image transfer options including print and projection techniques. We will get the first marks and color blocking down. A dip in the saltwater pool, perusing Art Magazines as the warm California sun dries your back.

    Inspiration or Perspiration

    Sometimes you cannot see the wood for the trees. This Sunday morning we will walk away from your painting. Hike out the back of the estate, go across a suspension bridge, through tunnels, up the hill and we’ll look over the city, We’ll see the pool you just swam in, the river we just crossed, and if you look closely, your painting from about a mile away.

    Techniques and Finale

    We'll look at examples of what techniques are out there. We will have two or three workshops over the weekend, depending on the speed of the group and based on the requests from The Night Before. We will explore image transfer processes. Do a tutorial on how to use the projector and such. We will, by the end of the day, have your finished and framed painting to admire.

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    good experience