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    Both mom and dad know thanks to our cousin Nick.

    I have a way up there on Wensday, I hope you don't mind its mom, She said If she can take me up there, she is only going to drop me off in Leroy then leave because she hear that you don't want to see her and she wants to respect your wishes. She is then going to go to Uncle Kevins in Stanwood until about 12:30pm or 1:00pm then she is going to pick me back up in Leroy and we are going to head back to here.

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    Sis, just wondering... Mom said her next day off is this Friday... I'm not sure if she is going to take me up there or not but if she does do you think you could get the rest of the day off from school so you can hang out with me?? Anyways, I'm sorry sis I haven't made it up there yet... Mom said maybe Friday if not then we will have to see about just before you get out of school or sometime in the summer to meet up...

    Love your big bro,


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    hey..okay...well I don't mind if she stays but she won't be able to hang out inside the school like you will...and who is Nick?? You talk about him a lot and I don't know who he is...The timing is fine for Wenesday..but you better show or I will never trust you...anyways..what about Amanda..will I be able to meet her and see how her tummy tum looks?? lol..but for real..I don't know how well my fiance will react to you coming...or how nice he will be to you..but I'll talk to him about it and make sure that he is at least nice to u when you guys meet. He will prolly ask you a lot of ?ions and be very protective of I just want you to be careful on what you say in front of him..he will only be there for like the first 5 minutes that you are here because we have different lunches..I dunno if Lisa will be there but you might see her and you might not..a lot of my friends want to meet be prepared to do a lot of but I am in class right I am going to go..I will not be on until I will talk to you then..I might log in later if you reply back before 1:30 in the afternoon today...anyways gots to goes...lylab your little sis manda