Why is this Dopey Website recommending MEN to me? Dating Tips and Advices

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    Does this website think I'm Gay? Why does it post profiles of men with "Recommended" after several men have looked at my profile? Even if these men were Gay, which is most likely not the case, this website then recommends them as a match? My guess is that some guys check out other guys to just see the competition or to get ideas on what to write in a profile. Either way, I think this website sucks as I'm seeing the same patterns pretty much over and over with all these 'GOLDDIGGING" women. They all have a $$$$ agenda..

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    I am sorry that you feel this way about women??? I am here as a standard member as I am exploring. I certainly I am not a gold digger. I am very well educated and I have a very high self esteem. I am fulfilled and passionate about what I do. I have worked with highly successful and very wealthy people and they have something that is very attractive to me which the mass doesn't( such as: more goal focused, spiritual, respectful, manly and so on...). Even if I am not wealthy yet I know I can give a wealthy man a lot of gifts and not necessarily material and certainly add value to his life. By the way, you can find gold diggers anywhere and this doesn't apply only to website but men themselves can be gold diggers too. It applies to both sexes and the responsibility lies with us to choose what kind of relationship we want to go for.


    Kindest regards and I hope you find what your heart desires

  • View author's info Posted on Jan 23, 2018 at 04:33 PM

    Try narrowing your search parameters to women with a verified income and net worth similar to your own. I don't think that will eliminate every gold digger, but I think it should help.