What do we truly want? Dating Tips and Advices

  • View author's info Posted on Nov 27, 2017 at 03:40 AM

    Few observations from reading the profiles:

    As offline, as online datings - people start to be very consumptive. The issue is, especially for online chats, that its like a supermarket with an illusion of a great choice. Therefore, people are not willing to find a compromise and, in case of any difficulties, just try to find a new partner. 

    Same relates to the travelling. 99% of people, same as me but much less now, write that their passion is travelling. I like travelling, but I have realized that main unconscious wish from travelling is not to get the new emotions and experiences from a new place. It becomes now difficult as the world is being standardized. So, the main "value" from travelling is an illusion that you can be changed, to have changes in your life, to be back as a new person. Its easy to change yourself externally, and really challenging inside. The main lesson is to have an inner harmony, peace and self-improvement, and for this purpose there is no need to go somewhere.

    Many people in their profiles write that they are looking to have fun, to find an easy going girl and to enjoy the life with her in the yachts, champagne, Ferrari, whatever. For me, its a hedonistic lifestyle leading to nowhere in terms of the true happiness and harmony.