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    I just wanted to get you’ll opinion on a dating question.  If you are talking to someone,  trying to get to know that person,  do you still contact other people?  Do you still mingle?  

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    I find things go off the rails when people have differing expectations and don't talk about those expectations.


    What I've learned from doing this off and on for years is if you're just emailing each other back and forth or talking on the phone then there's no reason to do anything other than keep getting to know each other.  That means you don't hide your profile.


    Once you've met and been on a several (4-5) dates you "have the conversation" in which you either both agree to hide your profiles or you don't.  If one of you don't then my advice is to walk away (after 4 or 5 dates you either want to date this person and they want to date you or not... no one needs more than 4-5 dates to make up their minds).


    Up until "the conversation" as long as you're open and honest about it, then it doesn't matter.  If someone asks me if I want to date just them I usually respond with "I don't decide that until after 4 or 5 dates so how about we both postpone that decision until then and spend our time getting to know each other."


    I've had exactly one woman tell me no thanks and she wanted to go full time after one coffee date!