Internat'l Writer looking for a Person on a Mission for Book Business Topics

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    You're a person who has always sought your own way - who wants to make a difference or who has made a difference. Sometimes, making a difference means writing a book on a subject that needs to be addressed, in non-fiction or cloaked in a fictional format. You don't have to be a professional writer to do this. You can hire a professional, published Ghostwriter/Editor for a book you are wanting to have written & published.

    I am a seasoned professional writer/ghostwriter & editor for private clients in the U.S. and Rome, Italy. My clients are entrepreneurs, leaders, contributors to society, people on a personal quest, who walk to the beat of their own drum. I write about people who believe in something or someone outside themselves that results in a more meaningful purposeful life. I am currently looking for this individual I describe to provide the subject for my next book of non-fiction or fiction. I'm looking for someone special, someone who has something to say of importance that can make a difference to readers once the book is published. if you are this person, you are not blowing your own horn over your own achievements but you do believe in what you live for. You're someone on a mission and you have to believe in your purpose enough to want to have a book published on the subject.

    Writing is my livelihood, so the book isn't free. I also have my own values and I don't like writing about meaningless superficial subjects. I would like to think that I am enabling the individual I choose to write for to further his or her mission. That enobles what I write, as well. Both the person I am ghostwriting for and I both end up contributing something worthwhile. If I don't think the person's subject is worth writing about, I'm not going to be their ghostwriter, which means I'm not for hire for money alone. I hope this bluntness dispels any suspicions as to my motives for this ad. Yes, you pay for my work as a professional seasoned published writer and ghostwriter when you decide to hire me. So, you have to believe in the subject matter of the book enough to get your thoughts and feelings out there in print. It has to matter. You retain all ownership rights and royalties to your published book. My salary ends when the book contract ends, and that is when I submit it to the publisher for publication.

    The book can be nonfiction or cloaked in fiction. As an example, on a cliff-hanger scale, I wrote and edited a manuscript for a sea captain who was on the Discovery Channel's 'The Deadliest Catch' about the king crab fishing industry in Alaska; it was published & made into a movie. What is the redeeming value of such a book? It recognizes and celebrates the lives of fishermen who chose this dangerous occupation for a livelihood and it documents the injustices the industry encountered politically which dramatically affected the fishermen's personal lives and the crab fishing industry in the U.S. The book immortalized those lives which have been sacrificed to a way of life that is now gone. I was writing for a man who was from Communist Croatia, who escaped and made a difference to people back home by sending all his earnings to improve the lifestyle of Croatians after the Communist Regime. His hope through the book of short stories is to show Croatians that they too can be free, living out their dream just as he had in America as a deep sea crab fisherman, one-on-one with Nature everyday.

    I have been a university creative writing professor & a published writer in Seattle and Rome, Italy for over 12 years. I work one-on-one with clients, both new writers & well-published award-winning writers, and then others who have a good idea for a book but have no desire to write it themselves, or who simply don't know the art of crafting a story. It's not easy and it does take talent and years of training and then years to build a respectable reputation. - that's where I come in as a writer, ghostwriter & editor.

    When I take on a book writing and editing contract:
    *I devote a steady work momentum of 20/hrs weekly from start to finish
    *I write and edit in both fiction and non-fiction genres.
    *My hourly fee is $15/hr, a low flat rate for a seasoned writer/editor; ghostwriters normally charge anywhere between $25-$50/hr or more; award winning ghostwriters charge upwards of $450/hr.
    *Monthly Cost Commitment for Witing & Editing of the manuscript is figured on the following: 20 hr/work week x $15/hr. = $300/week, or $1200/mth. paid in advance of work performed on a monthly basis. I give you a weekly log of my daily work hours in real time, and of course, I'm in constant contact with you reviewing work in process on an ongoing basis.
    *A Book manuscript, double-spaced, 1" page margins, between 200 and 500 pages can take up to 6 months to ghostwrite & edit; oftentimes, it is finished sooner. It depends on length of manuscript, complexity, total words & if interspersed with illustrations or pictures (which cuts down on length of time).
    *I claim absolutely no percentage of book royalties or ownership once published, or royalties from the book being made into a movie, both of which writers and editors often do claim.

    If you have a subject you wish turned into a published book and you are ready to enter into a book contract for having your manuscript ghostwritten and/or edited by me, then I am interested in learning about your subject. You stand to have your investment in paying me to write your book returned to you many times over in book royalties, and possibly even movie royalties; again, I take no royalties and assume no book ownership. And, because of this, neither do I make any deals on my hourly rate.

    Interested perspective clients, send me an email & tell me about the subject you want turned into a published book. Thank you. Diplomatica

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    Nice post this is what im looking for a writer... for my autobioraphy.. oppss just wondering if people will going to buy my book........