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    Hello, I'm a freelance illustration artist and have only been in the business since July 2010, so I'm still a small fish in a huge sea of other artists. I was wondering if anyone here is also in the art field, and if you have had any level of success in getting your work out there, finding honest, well-paying clients, and just some advice on how to go about it. So far I have made a website, I am on DeviantArt and I try to use forums and whatnot to advertise. I have mostly been networking on the internet since I am a bit shy about doing things face-to-face with people.

    I want to start building portfolios to send samples to big companies soon. I'm considering the greeting card industry as a jumping off point since it seems like the easiest place to start for a beginner. I do have a bachelor's degree in fine art so I am sure that will help in my resume, but I know companies want to see fresh talent and skill, which I believe I have.

    Anywho, I think that covers it. I'm just seeking fellow artists or people who buy art, and advice on how I can become more successful and known as an artist since right now I only make enough income off my art to survive and nothing more. Thank you all!

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    If that is a sample of your work, you do great work. In Virginia we have an event called
    Arts In The Park. It is an opportunity for people to show case their work. Check with
    Parks and Rec in your community to see if there are any types of events such as this. Or go to gallaries and try to get in that way. Good luck to you.
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    well I am also an artist and I believe the only way to get where you want to be is to get you're out there, go to every art opening you can, and try to see what is the best place to put you're work up at. you have to take a chance to dance with the big fish.