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    If you are a prospective investor looking for opportunities besides the stock market (which is like playing the machines in a casino, since you know nothing about the Management Team or the company), please join us to exchange ideas and suggestions. 

    If you are an entrepreneur or entrepreneuse with ideas that have patents filed, a business plan, etc., please join us to exchange ideas and suggestions. 

    I would like to start this forum for Early Stage Domestic and International Projects needing funding from $1 MM to $5 MM or even more.  Forum invitees are:

    * Entrepreneurs:  You MUST have business plan, 5-year projections reviewed by a CPA, Market Research Studies and Industry Forecasts based on actual (and conservative) figures.  You must have a complete Management Team with excellent qualifications.  Please make sure you also have an SEC attorney, a CPA, etc., who have thoroughly reviewed your documents.  Preferrably you have a Private Placement Memorandum, prepared by an attorney who is familiar with and knows SEC law thoroughly.  Be sure you also have a strong Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prepared.

    * Investors:  You must be accredited investors as defined by the SEC (Net Worth of $1MM + an income of $200K+ if single and $300+, if married).

    We have entrepreneurs with good equity proposals, prototype ready, who only need money for manufacturing and distribution through an established International Sales Distribution Network, which network has proven its high worth for many decades.

    This is just an introductory forum for exchange of ideas and/or suggestions.  For your protection, I would suggest that if you are an entrepreneur, you describe your project only general terms on this forum but NOT in detail and NOT how it works.  You will have to exchange Non Disclosure (NDA's) or Non Circumvention and Non Disclosure (NCNDA's) where applicable, as well as all other documents privately and not in this forum.  Investors must protect their privacy and Entrepreneurs must protect their ideas. 

    Some of you have already expressed interest privately to me and this is why I am doing this.  If you post anything on this forum, to preserve Intellectual Property rights, however, please post only general comments, suggestions re your projects on this forum.  You can also post or suggest sources of equity funding, convertible debt, etc.  If you are an investor willing to sign an NDA or NCNDA (whichever applies) or an entrepreneur and want to know more details re available opportunities, please contact me directly, giving me your parameters.  Then I will better be able to put you in touch with a list of people who may be working in your field of interest.  For instance, if you are an MD/entrepreneur with a new orthopaedic device, then we give you a list of companies or individuals interested in investing in new Health Related Technologies.  If you are an individual investor or head a private equity fund, then also contact me directly, also giving me your areas of interest.  For instance, we have a Board Certified Practicing Physician with a patented device (who needs help to manufacture and mass market the device to specialists in his field), Movie Scripts, a Patent Pending Transatlantic Security System for anti-counterfeit, anti-terrorist and law enforcement US/EU efficient cooperation with codes that are remotely & randomly changed, a woman that wants to start a specialty restaurant Chain, books, films, Consumer Items, such as Patent Pending High Heels and combat boots that you can walk on for up to 16 hours without getting tired, etc.

    We have entrepreneurs with good equity proposals, prototype ready, who only need money for manufacturing and distribution through an established International Sales Distribution Network, which network has proven its high worth for many decades.

    There is NO charge for this.  This is a forum for us to help one another, nothing more, nothing less.  Send me an email and let me know what you would like help with and/or what you are looking for. 

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    Hi PianistMBA777!


    Thanks a lot for your response though I can't see my original post. A wonderful friend of mine on here mentioned you and this forum to me and reminded me of my interaction with you.


    I am not currently a paying member on here anymore, so would be hard to pass you my details, but I will find a way/an intermediary to do that.


    I am still very much interested in capital raising and would be delighted to work with you on it.


    My best,



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    Hello I'm new to this sight and I was wondering where to go I got an idea and have a contract with a company on it but they are wanting money for the protoype. We have sent out 80 presentations and received oover 115 replies from manufactuers and companys that want to see a working prototype. one of the replies is from one of americas leading manufactuer. but I have payed like 1000.00 to the company and they want 5800. to do this. I even had it presentation ready. I have received a portfolio over this idea along with a dvd from the creator of the company commending me for having it ready. It being the idea that it is and what it would bring in royalties I know if I contact the right person I will receive the help i need to make this happen if theirs anyway to help me out on this would be greatly appreciated thank you.

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    Hi Livnlov, I checked for you and if you please send me your contact address and I will forward your info to several people.  General Warning in the meantime though!  If anyone asks you for upfront fees ("for expenses on your behalf"), run as fast as you can in the opposite direction!  If they ask for money upfront, then they are in the business of collecting fees and NOT in the business of closing deals, right?  Stella