Take it from a Gentleman: Best places to Meet Women

When a beautiful lady crosses your way, you should seize the moment. Winning over strangers of the opposite sex is an art which you need to understand. But it is a fact that it is only stalkers or ego monsters who like picking up strangers. But what happens when the lady looks irresistible? You cannot swear off the opportunity to pick the lady entirely since there are many benefits that stand on your way if you take the next move. There are many

best places to meet women

, but when you see a girl going on her daily activities, with that great hair and shoes, a girl who will laugh and make you joyful, and then you will really want to talk to her.

A woman knows if she is gonna win you within the first few minutes of meeting you, but it is your duty to open up. So how will you do it? You should glance at her beautiful face, the torso region, shoes and again back at her good looking face. Put up a smile while looking at her. Keep yourself as natural as   possible and she will be attracted to you. And in no time, you will have mastered

how to pick up women


The bar is one of the

best places to meet women

these days. Assume that when you are seated on a table, there is a smart girl who is half turned towards you and proceeds on to sit in that angle for  some  time. All you should do is to reassure her and make her feel safe. Say hi and let her know your first name. Offer to buy her a drink and depending on how convincing you are, what will prevent you from winning? Other social places just like the millionaire Cupid are certainly the
best places to meet women
and get a relationship moving.