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    Dating a lawyer is a very peculiar situation. It comes with prestige, and sometimes it's seen as a symbol of status. Knowing you are dating a legal practitioner who helps people and contributes to society is equally rewarding.

    Dating a Lawyer

    However, looking at the flip side of it, it comes with its challenges and here we would discuss some of the reasons why it is difficult to date a lawyer.

    Lawyers Are Attached To Their Work

    Lawyers show a great sense of dedication to their job, and that; is remarkable and highly commendable. However, investing yourself in your job at the expense of loved ones and family can cause problems in the relationship.

    Most lawyers put their jobs first. You will have to get used to the idea that their job is probably more important than you. That means that he (or she) will be devoted to the office and, at any time, regardless of the date night you both agree to, your partner may have to leave in-between to attend to urgent legal demands.

    Consequently, if you want to have a relationship with someone who is mostly at your beck and call; then, it is best to find someone who is not a lawyer.

    Another side to it is that on weekends, your lawyer partner could be at home, but you may still not have the bonding time you crave, because most lawyers tend to have a home office where they can continue working from.

    Conversations May Always End Up In A Debate

    It is great to date a person who's aware of recent happenings in the world and has a mind of their own. Yet, it can be annoying and insensitive when you want to discuss a situation that's of concern to you, and your lawyer partner turns it into a debate.

    Most times, you'll need to forget about winning any argument on a date, as lawyers study every day how to argue with other people. You don't have to do much when a disagreement ensues, as you will lose most of the time because they will present the problem to you from ten different perspectives, one more plausible than the other.

    Such that while you are still trying to understand the second, they will have already passed a judgment against you.

    Although you will lose on most discussions or debates with your lawyer partner, you will improve your argumentative skills to win over your friends (as long as they are not lawyers).

    However, if this is something you cannot cope with, you should avoid dating a lawyer.

    Family and Friends Will Come To You For All Their Legal Problems

    It is necessary to be there for family and friends during trying times; it will greatly encourage them, and that's what family is about anyway.

    However, immediately the word is out that you are dating a lawyer, your friends and family will not let you be. In fact, as soon as they know that you are dating or, worse, that you married a lawyer, they will haunt you with their legal problems. And most of the time, they would expect it to be free.

    If you settle down with a lawyer, you can expect that family "consultations" may haunt you for the rest of your days.

    There Will Be Pressure To Live Up To Their Reputation

    Lawyers represent individuals and corporate organizations, so they have to dress and live accordingly at all times. If you love simplicity, this may be tough to navigate.

    Lawyers are a force to reckon with in the community. As their significant other, you will be put on a pedestal, and there will be high expectations of you. Be ready for scrutiny from people; you will be invited to high-end functions, and there will be expectations for things like your appearance and diction!

    There Will Be Clashes In Schedule

    One frustrating thing about dating a lawyer is that no matter how much you plan, something "important" will come up. Their job can be unpredictable, and there can be a change in plans at any time.

    For instance, a client might have a sudden lawsuit or problem that will require the lawyer's attention, or the judge may fix a hearing on a date you have planned to spend with the lawyer you are dating.

    It can be overwhelming, and sometimes you will wonder if you are dating the lawyer or their profession. Also, if care isn't taken, you may feel like your lawyer partner does not really care about you.

    So if you are not ready for the rollercoaster of emotions it comes with, you may have to rethink dating a lawyer.

    You Will Have To Give Them Proof And Evidence Always

    Imagine having to prove everything you say or do- This happens a lot when you are dating a lawyer. They look at everything with their legal lens and think it is normal for you to give them proof all the time, especially at random things!

    It can cause a lot of stress to you and put a strain on your relationship, and it could be challenging to have a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

    Their Perfectionist Tendencies Can Be Bothersome

    Most lawyers are very organized and are perfectionists. They want things to be in a certain way at all times. Their goal is to always win- they want to win all the court cases, earn public perception, be the best lawyers to their clients, and have everything perfect.

    So much so that they sometimes forget that they are human beings and things may not always go as planned.

    The most concerning is that when things do not go the way they expect it, they could take out their frustrations on their partner. As perfectionists, they also could magnify minor errors and nitpick simple mistakes their partner makes- That can make a relationship with a lawyer difficult.

    Lawyers are, without a doubt, highly fascinating people. They fight for human rights and freedom; they are respected in society and give back to the community. Yet as highlighted above, dating a lawyer can be difficult; hence, you may want to sit down and reconsider before following through with it.

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