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    Part of the beauty of getting married is being able to marry someone who shares your values, faith, and life goals. But what are your options if you are not religious? The truth is that there are some considerations that can make it difficult to find a good match.

    But fear not! This guide will explore the benefits and downfalls of dating Jewish - as well as some alternatives for interfaith couples looking for new ways to find their soulmate. Some things first, though - dating someone Jewish can be great because they share many values with you, but it might also make meeting people more difficult since you will be limited to other Jews. Traditional Jewish families usually practice endogamy (marrying someone from the same faith community), and it can be tough to find a good match.

    This is not true of all Jews or religious people, but it's something that you should consider before dating someone Jewish. If you are open, however, the benefits might outweigh the risks. To help you decide, here are some things to think about when deciding whether to date someone Jewish!

    Jewish Culture Is Wide-Ranging And Deeply Rooted In History

    It's hard to paint every Jew with the same brush - which is exactly why dating a Jewish can be so great. When you find someone with similar values and beliefs, it is easy to build a foundation for what makes you unique. This way, you will always have someone to talk to about politics or religion, and it is also much easier than trying to understand the nuances of other cultures.

    Their History Is Often A Shared Burden - But Also A Great Source Of Strength

    Many Jews live through Holocaust experiences, have experienced discrimination or persecution, or are self-conscious of being different from their friends or family. This can make dating someone Jewish more appealing since they are often looking for the same things as you - stability, intimacy, and love.

    However, this also makes dating a Jew more complicated. You may need to spend more time exploring each other's histories and the similarities and differences between your experiences.

    But everything is up for discussion, and you can never know exactly how similar or different your past experiences of love and pain were until you ask. This is the perfect recipe for building a deep, loving relationship! They Are Often Talented And Creative People Who Are Passionate About Their Beliefs And Passions

    Jews are often passionate about what they do in their careers, just as they are in their romantic lives. Dating within your own culture is tough enough. Dating someone from a different culture can be really intimidating, but not if you know what to expect! 

    Here are some helpful pieces of advice for dating a Jewish partner .

    Don't be surprised if they're not interested in PDA. It's cultural, and it's important to respect their values. 

    If you mention seder or matzo ball soup, do not expect them to know what you are talking about unless they grew up eating traditional foods too!

    Please do not take it personally if they say "no" when referring to things that take place on Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, and weekdays.

    Please don't assume that because they are Jewish, they are religious. Many Jews are secular.

    Please don't assume that because they are Jewish, you can automatically become best friends with them. 

    Even if they are religious, it does not necessarily mean that EVERYONE practices Judaism! It is really important to be respectful of other people's values and what makes them happy.

    If you are planning a trip, do not assume that it will be cheap or easy to visit. Many Jews travel during the summer and holidays, and sometimes even flights and accommodations can get expensive.

    Please do not assume that their family does not like you because of your race, nationality, or religion. 

    Don't expect them to speak Hebrew or Yiddish. A lot of Jews know some Hebrew words but not fluently. Chances are, they won't speak it to you.

    Please do not push them to convert!

    Don't be surprised if they are shy or quiet when meeting your friends and family. Jewish culture can be different from other cultures, and you need to be patient and supportive. They may not know what to say around their loved ones, and it may take time for them to feel comfortable in this new environment. 

    If you are doing something with your family, do not assume that their family will like it! Have them come along too! It's important to get along with their family.

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