How To Succeed In Business Or Career

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    View author's info ( 40, Woman | Cataluna, Spain )

    Persistence, learning new skills, having good care of the clients, and being ethical and profesional. Is never late to study and keep getting different sets of skills. Also trying my best to be a good team member. But that's very hard to achieve with all types of personalities and characters out there. :D

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    View author's info ( 54, Woman | Biddeford Pool, ME, USA )

    My business is Glass Beaded jewelry, my bracelets are unique. I also put together 3D Art from the beach. So driftwood, rocks, fishing nets and lobster traps. If I find it on the beach I turn it into something beautiful. Im currently on sabbatical divorce is a nasty business.

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    View author's info ( 51, Woman | Enterprise, AL, USA )

    I knew I wanted to help people. I have always felt like it was my purpose in life. I'm an occupational therapist and I love my profession. I truly believe it's a calling. I work in home health, and it's not easy but it makes my heart happy.

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    View author's info ( 40, Woman | North Brookfield, MA, USA )

    I'm an lpn . Have been for 20 years . I love my job and I work a lot . I'm not looking for money I make my own and I'm very independent and consider myself strong. I work frontline in the covid unit at my work once again. I handle it . It's my duty. But would be nice to have someone cheer me on and comfort me

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    View author's info ( 30, Woman | Bronx, NY, USA )

    I achieved success through vision board, working hard towards what I vision for myself, when I fall down I stand up and try again and again - perseverance, humble, loyal to my boss and work, over the rules and regulations, Respect, Kindness, and most importantly praying to our Heavenly Father in Heaven.

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    View author's info ( 56, Woman | Denver, CO, USA )

    I am more consider myself accomplished and very experienced than successful. I started my first business at 15 years old. By the time I was 19, I had 16 employees. I came to America in 1990 on the five dollars bit That I put my son in the best private school in the a a country with no English. My son went to Saint Albans at 10, so I win $5. My son said that I will never grow up yet I am very responsible and I do not afraid to make a mistake to get what I want. So I had made every mistake in the book.

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    View author's info ( 43, Woman | Gravesend, England - Kent, GBR )

    I'm in a career that I love and provides me with freedom and flexibility. I believe success comes through consistency, focus and hard work. Knowing what you want will keep you going even when little "bumps" come your way.

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    View author's info ( 65, Man | Jupiter, FL, USA )

    Show up knowledgeable, experienced, committed, patient and considerate of others as a team player and courageous dynamic nuclear engineer doing the work and solving the most complex problems others shy away from! The story includes work in Europe, Asia and 10 US states and 2 million miles of travel in 20 years.

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    View author's info ( 43, Man | Brooklyn, NY, USA )

    1. Consistently worked hard. 2. Used 20-50% of my time to identify and improve my weakest attribute. 3. Never gave up. 99% of the the time I picked myself up after I failed. 1% of the time a friend or family member did. Sounds simple and easy. But few ppl can persist long enough to achieve success.

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    View author's info ( 50, Man | Farnborough, England - Hampshire, GBR )

    I'm a man from very humble beginnings. Born and raised on a council estate in Bradford West Yorkshire. I left school at 16 and served in the forces for 6yrs before embarking on a career in construction. Over the last three decades I've built up multi million pound turnover construction group. I am proud to say I now employ directly or via sub contractors over 300 people.

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    View author's info ( 57, Man | Orlando, FL, USA )

    Obsessive neglect and compulsive irrational risk taking. And the whole 2 carbon fragment thing above. Yes. I was a chemistry major, although finding chemistry here has proven difficult. Very. Difficult that is. And i was also a math/physics major. And even as I re-read all that, it comes across as incredibly boring. Upstaged by one of my pets, yet again. I'm really not boring. And my pets really do seem more interesting. Until they chew up your shoe, that is. Then they seem expendable. In a nice way. In a nice, calm, are-you-kidding-me way. Yes. My parents used to change the locks on the doors after they made me go to summer camp. And yes, to this day I have a deep, psychopathological, morbid fear of door locks, summer camp, and chocolate pudding. More on the pudding later. It isn't pretty.

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    View author's info ( 48, Woman | Boca Raton, FL, USA )

    When you love what you do the money will follow. Youll never work another day in your life. I call it PASSION. I have been blessed doing what I love and touching people lives inside and out. You'll never fail if you don't take a chance in pursing what you LOVE.

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    View author's info ( 53, Man | Saint Louis, MO, USA )

    I went straight from undergrad to law school to opening my own law firm. My father and his father before him were all self-employed entrepreneurs. At the time I graduated I did not wish to work for the family oil company so I set to make my own success. My father drilled into me my worth ethic and that you will not get anywhere depending on anyone but yourself. He also said to do what you know and make sure you stay in your own backyard...I knew the law and its been mine for 26 years.

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    View author's info ( 44, Woman | Plymouth, MA, USA )

    I am still working on it and could use some guidance and mentorship. I love my career in events and want to go further with it. I am very respected by my peers and enjoy his my office changes daily, weekly or monthly.

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    View author's info ( 76, Man | Dameron, MD, USA )

    I had always worked for someone that knew what they are doing and learned from their way of doing things. I sought to always work for the most successful people. It really paid off. Today my style and way of doing things - learning from those that are successful - continues to be the fastest route to prosperity and happiness.