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What do you think of distance dating?

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Personally, I'm pretty easygoing with it to start with! Need to facetime to make sure each other are real for safety first anyway & it's difficult to meet up right now given the current pandemic, probably not the best time to plan dates! <3

I'm looking for a house to buy right now so I can rent it out whilst I travel when everything is over as I work remotely, so if you are going to message me know that I am happy to come to you & can stay in any area that has wifi for as long as needed.

Please tell me about your experiences with distance dating & views on it below! It would be nice to get some conversation going on these blog for those of us that aren't premium members right now.

P.s -- have a great day and hope you find who/what you are looking for on here. x

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Although, this isn't something I have on my resume I do have over 5 years of experience in LDR and online dating. 😳