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opinions please

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So I did this photo Shoot and they'd put this dreadlocks wig on me I actually love it my only concern Dating here app like this and having my hair look like that even though fabulous.
But how many of you would this be a issue for or is this is even accepted ? Would you still like me if I actually did my natural hair like this?

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And you're right but I don't think I would date a guy that really judge me about my hair you really needs to know my personality more hairstyles change personalities the something a person has to live with thank you so much for your response love hug
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@ ItsSoB & Doyle2001

Below is a copy of a few comments regarding Hair. You may read more about it all in my Topic titled :-

Bloggers who need a Shrink ...

Quoting mist2015:

I just think men should be men and not have long hair good god it's not the 70's anymore I didn't think guy's looked good then with long hair and still done sorry don't mean to be rude it's just my taste in men

And my response to her :-

** Mist2015 **

Thank you for being observant and The Compliment.

May I remind you that ... " Manners Maketh The Man " , and not his, nor her Hairstyle.

With all due respect to your ' taste in men '. I have My Groupies.

** S L **

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Thank you so much of actually truly thinking about having this done to my natural hair because I really fell in love with his hair and the way it looked but me thank you.
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You are beautiful no matter what! I absolutely love the wig 😍 Shine on!