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New Orleans yes!!

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yes yes my home town love the quarter Taunt T street bound know from that part of the area to Pontchartrain beach Lily used to play the song the sound king cakes and mardi gras all the time in my head jazz everyday. Those of you that don't understand that 7 Crowe fission crab boil with that gumbo and it to fade tree been a's and coffee and the by you at my feet. Queen of the black eye they call me I land pretty before the Indian parade I'm words high and on point as that see theZulu slavebutwhatcan you do if you don't know what I'm talking about who who dad screams loud and upfront yeah Brah I'm talking too you !!!!!!
Play boy you holla front no your money cause you a true say you from down South but I can see transparent right through you I have a that so it bags that that was sure no 9 sig K with my feet tossed and get zoo but you should me you where that boy you like them traps in autumn bone zoo! That was personal and that was from my heart and you know youare and asthewhichyou do you man but their life so IU on here frighten like you do I have a boy stop play and I'm games cause you really Ed from the Louisiana bayou!
Quit playing Boo!!
you aint 504 !

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i still went home to see family and went to some small balls . it was still a blast
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how did you celebrate this year?