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Be That Every Thing he Needs

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As a woman I think before I get involved with a person what all will it take to keep them happy? Am I willing to take that on ? Can I be that stripper on Monday , cook on Tuesday, play poker on Wednesday, listen to their drama Thursday, be that Freak for Friday, Sports nut on Saturday and be at church on Sunday?
Can I be what my partner needs to be happy?
What am I not willing to give up ? or not?
Will I compromise?
Will still even want them after I find out?
So before I send awink or a message I read and think if I'm willing to do all you need , are you worth that much of my effort? What makes your acknowledgement of Existence worth my Time and love? What make you so different from the rest of the men here worth my even reading your pro? Could yoy even handle my needs if I was willing to Except all of yours?
See I understand that a good relationship isn't perfect but just perfect to the people involved. Are you who I rm Rather deal with BD over everyone else??

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Thank you , your very kind