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Be still and know that He is God!!

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January 23

EACH ONE OF US must take time to organize our personal priorities if we do not, life gets complicated and in the complication of life, we lash out and cast blame We point fingers rather than drinking from the well of our God, which can help us find simplicity and order for our life. Everyone needs a well- a place where we can be still in order to reorder out own private worlds. Being still gives us time in which we can rethink our public world. Some of us are leaving a trail of bodies behind us. We've made a mess at every juncture along the way. So now in crocheting through life, leaving this person offended and that person confused and this person hanging and that person disappointed. We need to get alone beside that well before God and rethink our conduct. Think through the answers to these questions: What are your strengths and weaknesses? What can you contribute? How can you become an encouragement and a help to others rather than a drag and a disappointment? Offer God the gift of stillness. Being still provides us an opportunity to see ourselves as we really are.