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The Power of a Positive Mind

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Positive minds produce positive lives, but negative minds produce negative lives. The New Testament tells the story of a Roman soldier whose servant was sick, and the soldier wanted Jesus to heal him. This wasn’t uncommon—many wanted Jesus to heal them or their loved ones in those days. But this soldier, instead of asking Jesus to come to his servant, expressed his belief that if Jesus would just say the word, his servant would be healed (Matthew 8:8). Jesus marveled at his faith and sent out His word to heal the servant. The soldier’s positive mindset—his faith—brought positive results. He expected healing, and that’s exactly what happened.

Too often, we ask Jesus to heal us, to take care of our finances, or to deliver us from problems, but we don’t fully expect the good things we’re asking for to happen—we allow our minds to stay stuck on the problems instead of believing God to bring the solution we need. Doubt and unbelief will effectively steal our faith if we’re not careful with our thoughts.