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Set Your Mind and Keep It Set

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The Bible says we need to set our minds on things above, not on earthly, temporary things like possessions or others’ opinions of us. Having been addicted to people’s approval, I know how hard it is not to dwell on it when we feel that someone isn’t happy with us. Thoughts of that person's anger and rejection can easily fill every waking moment if we don’t intentionally put our minds on something else. So instead of trying not to think wrong thoughts, choose to fill your mind with positive ones. Meditate on God's Word, His will for you, and who He says you are, and unhealthy thoughts won’t be able to get in.

We’ve all had the experience of being extremely anxious about something, having our minds rotating around and around a problem endlessly. If we get involved in something else that interests us, we’re usually able to stop worrying for a little while. When it’s quiet, we’re alone, or we have nothing else to do, we begin to worry again.

I’ve found that another great weapon we have against wrong thinking is to stay busy doing something to help someone else. I don't have time to obsess about myself or how others see me when I’m occupied with meeting someone else's need. Doing this allows me to set my mind on what’s above, not on earthly things. When I set my mind on God's instruction to me to walk in love, everything else eventually works out (Ephesians 5:2; Matthew 6:33).
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you so right I needed to see this