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Dating in the 20th century

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dating in the 20th century doesn't have to be complicated it should be fun for each other. I think that everything is different in today singles world everything is high-tech and about technology when it should be about people and their their their desires and what they want to do. not make excuses for not doing something but doing it for the sake of wanting to do it if you want to date your date if you don't want to date you want if you want to put off and make excuses you're not going to get anywhere if you judge people by their age and play a numbers thing or shallow you're going to lose your cuz you're going to miss out on a wonderful person don't base it on money don't base it on anything but what you feel inside. I always say try to compliment each other don't try to complete one another because when you complete someone then you feel like you failed because it won't work complementing one another says a lot about each person and means you go good together like peanut butter and jelly and that's a good fit think about it. have fun in 2 days singles world don't have to be anything you're not be yourself I'm not going to upgrade because I want somebody to reach out to me and contact me because they want to talk to me and they like the way I think and they read my blogs and know that I'm smart as well as a fun easygoing loving woman I know what I want and I will only settle for what is best for me and that is the right man that fits me to T.

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July 4
She is just sharing.
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This is the 21st Century lol
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You may have won a record for the worlds longest sentence.
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Thank you for sharing about dating and speaking about a fine wine, gets better with time.