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Corona virus solution

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The fastest way to kill this virus is to turn off your TV and your social media.

Did you know that in 2017 to 2018 over 35 million people in the United States contracted the flu virus? Did you also know that nearly 1 million people in the United States were hospitalized for that same flu virus? Did you also know that more than 61,000 people died that same year from that flu virus? Did you also know that no business closed for the fear of getting sick?

Wake up people. The media isdriving people and businesses to irrational Behavior. fear of any kind is the greatest motivating factor in human behavior whether rational or irrational.

Did you know the swine flu of 2009 killed over half a million people?

Do you know that every day over 3,500 people are killed traveling in their car? Do we stop driving?

Do you also know that over 1,500 people of the United States die of smoking DAILY, yet we actually sell those products to people becausethere is a profit to be made and no one blinks an eye.

so turn off your TV's shut your social media or don't pay attention to it and get out there and live life
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Sarasota ,Florida took down their drive up testing center after 2 days. Nobody was coming.
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Oh, in Seattle they set up a makeshift hospital in the football stadium which s osso under scary. Guess what? They never used it and took it down after treating ZERO patients!
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How do you know they are using freezer trucks to hold bodies? Did you see any bodies in them? Same thing in Italy about military vehicles allegedly having bodies in those. It makes for great news, it sounds really scary, right?

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1 year ago
In 2017/18 were hospitals using freezer trucks to hold bodies?
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hunny you're the Truth! I like this post too much 🔥🔥🔥🌞
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I agree. I think there is a bigger agenda behind it all but we better not say too much. We could get whacked suddenly.

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It is better to die fighting like FREE men, than to live at the mercy of fear.
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In the next few.days if not already, people will be losing their cars, places to live/homeless, and not being able to eat.because they cant work right now due to a HUGE over reaction to this.