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1 year ago

The street decorations, trees covered with twinkling lights, presents, all packed in green and red colours herald the birthday of Jesus. 

The Spirit of Christmas envelope us all in its warmth of giving. Everyone is giving out symbols of Love wrapped in ribbons, from huge discount sales to the smallest family gift.

It is indeed a season of Love. Underneath the ribbons are more intrinsic values of depth, compassion, gratitude, seasonal pleasures, enthusiasm, creative energy, joy, surprise, tenderness and beauty.


I witnessed this celebration with a sober reflection on LOVE- the greatest gift of all which symbolises the Christmas Spirit. It is the depth of Love within us all that brought me into this network of like minds striving in their various endeavours to self-actualisation.


As the Earth completes its revolution around the Sun, I take stock on this remarkable search for my Adam in the MM platform.

'Has MM been worthwhile? Has it provided my relational needs? Have I met someone special? Have I sustained friendships? Have I nurtured Love?' These are my internal conversation.


It has been a journey of faith and hope.  I have had a lot of views undoubtedly. Some have reached out, others are afraid of embarking on a long distance relationship, some having been hurt in the past are suspicious, while others are afraid of overcoming the boundaries of the mortal eye and some are just having fun by playing on emotions. 

Overall, it has been a blessing as well as a lesson.


My blog has attracted a congregation of womenfolk who have reached out to me, creating platonic friendship beyond this platform. These friends through intellectual reasoning and sharing have blessed my life tremendously.

One of these remarkable women has offered to host me on my arrival to the United States this January. 'What could be more fulfilling?' Trust that has transversed beyond the boundaries of distance and race.  I came here primarily to attract this special man but have been blessed by a supportive womenfolk who have made a difference in my life.


'Have I found the right man here?' Not yet but I am hopeful that 2019 would be a different story. I am very optimistic that out of these congregation of masculine diversity and intentions would emerge the man of my dreams.

Most importantly. I would continue to contribute through my blog, sharing my experiences and thoughts to support others emotionally.

I am committed to imbibe the Christmas Spirit regardless of the 'once in a year' calendar to be kind, sensitive, creative, and supportive of all my relationships.


Building relationships are paramount in our lives. The social culture is vital for interaction as well as 'pruning' our hard edges by bringing out the more refined version of our inner selves. 

I wish everyone here the significance of Christmas and a 2019 filled with magical experience!

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1 year ago

You are absolutely correct.

But we remain hopeful.

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1 year ago

Thank you, best wishes too

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Hi Miss CB40, 👍up, good luck, enjoy be safe, stay sweet. Happy New Year. It seems like there are a number of ladies and men having a tremendous hard time finding true unconditional love, and it may be a very difficult task because those who were responsible fir teaching and sharing with their offspring how to be good mates may have not done a good job. And they have not taken it up on themselves to explore down that vineyard. 



Love and peace,  sincerely Mr Born1top.