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A Big Thing For Me

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The little things take my breath away. I want to fall in love with my best friend. Fast forward to the beautiful soul wrenching divinity of a woman and a man connecting their bodies after their minds are on fire for each other. Rebirth. Waking up to your hands and lips on mine. Smelling you on my skin. In all things I crave affection. You must find me, wrap your arms around me from behind to find that sweet spot you carved your name with your tongue. I am a passionate woman who is just awakening to what it means to make love (yes! at 33 - I have been living under a rock) and I am physically starved for it. I need it like the air I breathe. Honestly, to be with the one you love is the best way I have found to just be open and real. To show you with all of me what my heart and mind feel for you. A true soul connection I had no isea I was missing. Take me away. Or better yet, bring me back to life. It may take time to find this spark but I believe it is out there. Forever and always a hopeless romantic.
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1 year ago
That was beautiful 😀