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Still has not changed.

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1 year ago
Well, I have not done one of these in a while so hi! Welcome to my blog! I have been either intriguiging you or boring you with my thoughts as to why I'm here on millionaire match. Either way, thanks for being here.

In my last blog, I was talking about the big move I was making from Tijuana, Mexico back to my hometown of NYC. Which I completed that move last month. And being gone for 20 years did not give me some kind of culture shock as I'm really not surprised by anything anymore, and it REALLY takes a lot to impress me.

I've realized that I am in the "settling down" phase of my life. After 20 years of getting the kid in me out of the way, I'm not leaving NYC to live anwhere else. 7 states and 80 countries I have been to. People say it's not true, and truthfully they are exaggerating, but for someone like me, I got bored with all the traveling. Maybe it's because I need to see from a different perspective.

I have never lived on other people's time. I have always lived on mine. I get a thought into my head about going somewhere or doing an activity and within 30 minutes I have it planned out as to what dates, times, and whom I would want to go with me. I have been a position for most of my life where I can pretty much do and go whatever I want at literally the drop of a dime. Look at me moving back to NYC from Mexico. I got the thought in my head, and in 2 days I had a plane ticket, movers hired, etc. it took less than a week to find a apartment I liked with a broker who was awesome and completely decided to work with me even though I was in another country. And I still had 3 weeks to go.

Back to my point. My point is the 98.2% of my friends, and work colleagues I have met over the years are either married or in serious relationships. So of course they are not able to just jump and go to some exotic locale at the drop of a dime. So that's why I usually go by myself. Not because I want to.