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deciding to try again here....

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1 year ago

Well, I'm back again. Had to take some time away from being here due to work, but now since things have been less hectic, I figured I would give this another chance. One thing I have noticed is the amount of views my profile and my blogs have gotten so I appreciate that. I don't understand why women are scared to send me a message, but I'll take it either way. Maybe it's going back to what I said about being too honest. I decided not to renew my PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP at least for this month but, will do it again next month and see how it goes. Unfortunately, I have not been on any dates or found anyone interesting since the last time I posted. However, I have alot of patience. As I mentioned before, I'm just not settling anymore and I'm being uncompromisingly honest about it.  So maybe I'll get lucky. It has been difficult to find someone here locally to me. Mostly because of 2 reasons. Alot of people in Southern California are scared to come to Tijuana, and because if the language barrier. The latter I am working on, but it is a challenge. I personally am not a fan of long distance relationships. More because I tried it and it did not work well for me. Would I be open to it again? The circumstances would need to be near perfect in order for me to even consider it again.  And I have plenty of friends all over the world, so I'm not looking for just another friend to talk to. Had a frank discussion with a female work colleague the other day who just happen to be single as well and asked her if being too honest when it comes to dating is bad. Her insight was actually pretty good. I guess that old saying about nice guys finishing last is true.