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Ladies get yourself verified. Please.

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1 year ago

Hi Ladies


I want to tell you all some of my observations. 


1. When you ask for someones telephone number, which is great, but can you also get yourself verified?

2. If your a public figure, as it has just happened to me yesterday with one profile. We seem to think that

    because your known, the rest have to assume that you are you. However if you verify yourself, we know

    that you are 100% you.

3. Women wanting to be treated right. Here again, can you explain what right means? As right can have

    different meanings in different parts of the world. 

4. Women looking to be spoiled. Again can you explain what you mean, as there are different degrees of

    being spoiled.  

5. I get many women, asking me to look at their profiles, which is great. However any chance you could

    fill in your entire profile? Thanks.

6. Each human on here has feelings, can you try to be a bit more human? If some man is not to your

    liking. Then just say so. No need to just block the man, because he took the time to write you. 

7. I also want to add. Today we live in a world of whatsapp, aircraft, and more. In the near future maybe I

    can be beamed right to you! So what, im saying is that there are communications and transport. If there

    is a will, there is away, for two people to meet and have a great love story. Ladies, im living on a small

    Island, called Bahrain. Where there is an NSA (US Navy) base less than a mile from where I live.  Im not

    living in a desert. There are communications and transport here you know.


Millionairematch is a global site. Different meanings in different parts of the world.



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1 year ago


PS ..


You are asking the Lady Members to be human answer 

Your Emails and comments ..

Well , I will leave them the decision ..some do it some not  

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1 year ago


ecc801s ,


I will try to answer your questions : 


( 1 ) Verification - you can do it yourself by going to the Profile , then 

Click " verify " down under the picture or send her a comment or an 

Email .

( 2 ) To treat a woman right - is to respect a woman as well as her Human rights and her freedom of thoughts and what she wants  . Be 

kind to her ; don't hit her or harm her physically as well as Psychologically by hurting her feelings .

( 3 ) We are all human beings with intellect and feelings .


I hope this helps you and answer your questions at least .


Goodluck to your quest .